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Mafia 2 Walkthrough Chapter 10: Room Service

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Next day you wake up to answer a call.

Yo get dressed and get to the destination in the car from your garage.

On reaching park the car in the garage.

Get to joe's house.

You speak of work.Listen to the conversations.

Now taje joe and marty to empire arms hotel.Drive to the destination.

Follow the route on the map.

Here we are at the destination.Get out of the car.

Now you need to grab some uniform to get the work done.

Find the cleaner's uniforms.

Go this way to the room.

Open the door at the end.

Now you wear the uniform and get to top floor to get the work done.

Listen to the conversations.

Now you need to get to the room on the other side.

Help joe plant the bomb in the room.

Later follow joe to get to the top floor.

Climb the stairs and get to top floor.

You need to find the hotels window to finish the job.

Look out for men on the terrace.

Kill all of them precisely.

Later get on the board.

Now you need to lower the platform to get to the glass window to finish the work.

Here we are at the glass window. The meeting is going on.

Later you activate the bomb. And it explodes.

You go to check.But clemete is alive.Now you need to kill clemente.

Look out for the men in the room.

Get in the lift and get to the bottom floor.

Kill all the men present there by taking cover.

Keep moving on to kill clemente.

On coming outside you find marty dead.

Get inside the car and follow the clemente's car.

Follow the car and try to get near to it so as to allow joe shoot at them.

Later joe kills clemente.

Later you get to house and joe is sad about the death of marty.

You go to home to have some rest.

Take the car in the garage to get to house.

On reaching home park the car in the garage.

You can have something to eat from the fridge.

Later you go to have some sleep.

You wake up in the middle of night to answer the call.

You listen to the call.

You take a car and get to the bar.

You find your friend joe sitting there.

Unfortunately joe kill the worker in the bar.

Now you need to drag the body.

Press E button to drag the body to outside.

Get it in the bunker of the car.

Now you need to drop joe at his home.

Finally you drop joe at his house.

Now you need to dump the body so get to the destination to dump it.

After placing the car get outside and reach the control.

Press the control button so as to crush it.

Later on get to the house shown on the map.

Park the car in the garage.

You can have something to eat from the fridge.

Later you go to bed to have some rest.