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Mafia 2 Walkthrough Chapter 1: The Old Country

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Here is out vito who is soldier.

Listen to the conversations spoken.

Now you need to shoot the man with the pistol in hand

Press RMB to aim at the person.

Now press LMB to shoot at the enemies.

If marker shows red colour then you can shoot or else you will waste the bullets.

Shoot at all the guards present on the dias.

Look out for the hidden soldiers taking cover.

You can press LCTRL to leave cover.

Now keep moving towards the door by pressing W,S,A,D.

Shoot the guards on the way.

Climbthrough the stairs to reach the door.

Look out for the bullets shot through the door.

Climb through the window to get to the other side.

Get to the door at the end.

Take cover by pressing LCTRL

Look out for the soldiers on the other side.

Hold RMB to aim at the enemy on the other side.

Grenade is thrown by you.

Everything blasts and you get injured.

Press 3 to equip rifle.

Now keep moving to the other end of the door.

You need to go through the door on the other side.

You break off the door.

Kill the enemy taking cover behind the stairs.

Look out for enemy on the top.

Later on keep moving through the stairs.

Here we climb the stairs.

Kill the soldier in the room on the other side.

Now keep moving to the other side.

Now you break thedoor to open it.

There is enemy holding a hastage.

Now you keep moving.

You need to get to the other side through balcony.

Shoot at the enemies on the ground.

Get to the room present at the end of the way.

You need to kill all the enemies.

Shoot at them by aiming the gun.

More soldiers are coming and you will have kill them with the MG-42

Shoot at them by aiming at them.

Then the tank arrives and shoots at you.

You, all of them get injured.

Some one comes and announces to surrenderr.

So all the enemy soldiers surender