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Medal Of Honor (2010) Walkthrough Mission 1: First In

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After the opening cutscene, you will be driving along the road up to this checkpoint here, don't worry there nothing to do here yet, so just enjoy the story.

After the car crashes move out through this doorway.

Once outside move up from here until you reach near the street light in the distance.

From the light post move up towards this dumpster on the left and take down the enemies that appear.

As you clear the street look for this house on the right, kill the enemy through the window and then move in here.

Move up against this window and prepare to take down enemies as they on this balcony.

There should be around 4-5 enemies that appear along the length of the balcony.

Once they are down follow Voodoo over to this garage door and wait for him to lift and frag it.

After Voodoo has cleared the room, go into crouch mode and move into the room.

Follow Voodoo along until he reaches this door, taking out the enemies that apppear along the way.

As you walk outside and follow Voodoo down the alley prepare for a firefight at the end.

As you reach the end of the alley, stick to this wall and use it as cover.

When you feel confident that you aren't being targeted jump the wall, moving up to where the dead guy on the ground is.

From here, take out a many enemies as you can see, retreating behind the cover when the need arises.

As you clear the enemies continue to move up.

When all enemies are clear move up towards this door and wait for the prompt to kick it in.

When given the prompt meelee this fusebox, and then press down on the d-pad to activate your Night Vision Goggles.

The subsequent rooms are best cleard by switching to the shotgun, keep clearing enemies and following Voodoo.

As you walk up these stairs there's no need to look left so just continue onto the right and take out the enemy, either with meele or your weapons.

Move up to this door, and kick it in being ready for a number of enemies waiting in the next room.

At this point you can turn off your optics, and just follow this hallway down to the end.

(Yeah i turned mine back on for some stupid reason), at the end of the hallway follow through this door and then in to the room on the left.

Dead this guy, and then move over to the red door on the left side of the room.

After Voodoo opens the door run up the stairs and then out to this room, optics can be useful here but they aren't completely neccessary if you don't want to use them.

Fight off the enemies on the opposing balcony until mother opens this door and walks out to meet up with you.

Follow your team out the door and over the rooftops.

As you round this corner and move along an MG Gunner will begin firing, the best bet is to sprint quickly and slide crouch by pressing B while sprinting to move along and flank it.

Do a crouch slide along here,

and along the bridge here,

As you move forward, run up these stairs and take a hard left.

Follow along over the roof

and run out on this open area, then defend until the cutscene starts.

Once you regain control, wait for Voodoo to open this door, then proceed through

As you reach the bottom of these stair move out and along to the right.

Take out the guys opposing you and move and to the left.


From there move up the fallen board to the right and wait for you team to move along to give you a 'buddy boot' up so you can proceed.

After standing up, just allow yourself to be led along by your team, while listening to their talk.

Out here is the next big encouter for the mission, so be prepared.

The low brick wall here is a good place to defend from as it will allow you to tak out the enemies that will spawn up on the balconies in front of you, and the enemies firing out from you're left.

Once it is clear enough move up against this planking here and focus on enemies coming from the left.

Once you have cleared everyone around you out, there will be one last guy shooting at you from inside the compound, if you have trouble locating him, this is where he will be shooting from.

After this follow you're team into the compound.

Watch out for the enemy that bursts through this door, take him out then move up the stairs in front of you.

At the top of the stair take a left and wait for your team.

After the cutscene plays out, follow your team back over to this red door and wait for them to finish talking before proceeding.

Continue to follow your team until you reach this area at which more enemies will appear. To proceed work your way up along these buildings on the left and up the stairs.

Coming from this direction will allow you to take out 2-3 enemies before they start firing at you.

After clearing the place out move on up the stairs on the left and follow the roof out left and then right towards the fort gates.



Hold back here and wait until your team calls in air support and blows up the gate.

"Who's there?

As soon as the air support has landed sprint up through and take a left through the smoke.

This is where you will come out after you run through the smoke, immediately take out any enemies who are aiming at you.

You'll want to hole up againt this wall here until you can move up.


When you feel you can move up stick close to these rock and take a left after this first one in front of you. Having the shotgun out will help here.

As you round the rock and turn left, take out this guy in front of you then move and take cover beside those crates on the right side.

Hold from here until you hear Preacher yell "Frag Out", at which point you will want to turn 180 degrees and take out the guys walking through the door behind you which has just opened.

When the door opens take out the two enemies who run out with your shotgun.

Switch to your pistol in here and be ready for enemies to come out at you. Proceed forward.

Buddy boost up here with Mother and follow on.

Run out through this door.

and take out these enemies

Switch your rifle out for a Dragunov on the ground.

Take out the final enemy who is over here on the MG and your team out on the ground will move up.

Help your team move up by taking out enemies as they come out and take position.

Don't forget the guys in the windows, they are the most likely to switch and target you, so prioritise them first.

If you can't make a shot move up along the balcony more to get a better line of sight.

Once the area is cleared follow Mother along down these steps and into the warehouse with the open doors.




Wait until they talk through their dialogue and decide to open the door.

Take out the 3 -4 enemies that appear then wait for your team to stack up on the doors.

Choose a door to kick in then follow inside.

Fight your way through this room and the next.

When you get out into the courtyard, wait for your team to stack up and then kick in the door to start the final sequence of the mission.

You will pull your pistol and need to take out the enemy dragging Tariq towards the truck. Take your time and make the shot count.

Once he's down you're in the clear.

Wait for the scene to play out then move to the back of the pickup truck to jump in. One mission down, nine to go.