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Medal Of Honor (2010) Walkthrough Mission 2: Breaking Bagram

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Focus on taking out any trucks that appear during the opening part of the level, then deal with any foot soldiers.

Eventually you will reach these gates, and the MG gunner will die, forcing you to replace him.

Focus on any enemies with RPGs and then destroy the truck that turns up.

After you dismount from the truck run around the corner and move up the left side of this area, this will give you the best vantage point to take out the enemies.

When you drop down make sure you take out this guy to the left.

After moving up the slope, run through tthe hole in the wall on the left when the area is clear.

(better shot of the hole in the wall)

As you enter this room there will be three enemies on the ground and one that will appear from above and shoot down at you.

From the room you are in take a left and take out these enemies in your way.

At the end of that area is a doorway that you can shoot through which provides decent cover against the enemies in the next area. Once you feel the area is clear move up.

You will need to run up these stairs and follow your HUD to the waypoint.

Your team will stack up onto a door. After this you will gain control of a Missile Laser Guider.

To proceed you will need to hold down RT on the building and on the BTR that will appear after the gates go down.

(The BTR)

From there drop down and follow around to the right.

As you come into this area you will want to head towards that doorway on your right.

Move around the left side of the structure, and meelee the two enemies, then retreat back around to your side.

Your next targets are the enemy that you can just see peeking over the iron sights of the MG hiding behind the wall, and the enemy up the top shooting out at your team,.

Finally the last lot of enemies you will need to take care of are these guys over behind this wall.

You will then need to run up the stairs behind this wall.

At the top of the stairs you will run into these two guys, take em down.

You will come out to this are of sloped rubble. Once you deal with this guy hiding behind some rubble, move over behind the shipping crate on the left.

This is a better veiw of where you need to go.

From over in this corner behind the shipping crate you will be able to easily take out this RPG and any other enemies in your view, with minimal risk to yourself.

From there you move back over to your right and use the crate as cover while you take out the rest of the enemies you can see.

When they are all down head up these stairs and into the next room.

Stock up on supplies if you need to.

Watch out for this guy immediately to your right as you enter this room.

Your immediate focus should now be out the window behind the guy you just killed. There are two mortar crews of which this is the first.

And over to the left is the second.

(Second mortar crew)

Once they are all down, move up with your crew and wait for them to open this fence.

angry face.

Move over to where the first mortar crew was and take cover.

As you can slowly move up around this right side of the area and take out anyone you can see.

Take cover behind this plane right in front of you.

You will want to take down all these guys here, then move up to that sandbag.

Take out the guy who walks out of the doorway in the plane.

Then take out this guy who will try to flank you.

Move up and run through the crashed plane to the right, and then look out towards this plane, shoot from until the way is clear.

Now move up into this plane and use this area as cover.

Move up under the cover of this fallen wing.

Take out these enemies while you can before they reach cover.

Take cover in this red plane and then move out to the right.

As you are moving out to the right, pay attention to this area here, as there is an enemy hiding behind it.

If you find yourself under too much fire, move back over and take cover inside this plane behind you.

Once clear move up and around to the right.

Now wait for Voodoo to follow you in and kick down the door.

Run into the next room and sprint up to the far wall, and follow around to the right, until you reach this point.

From this position take out all the enemies you can see, whilst periodically checking to your right to be sure nothing is creeping up on you.

Take out the gunner ASAP, once the car drives in.

Follow your team up the stairs.

Stack up and wait for your team to open the door.

This next area has a large number of enemies, so move up as fast as you can to take cover behind the tank on the far right, taking down enemies as you go.

Take cover behind this tank.

From here, you can take out most of the enemies in this area, however be sure to check your right side every now and then so you don't get flanked.

Move into this warehouse.

Move right around the broken plane in the hangar, and take out the enemies popping up in the window.

Crouch slide up behind this crate and take out the guy at the top of the stairs.

Follow on up.

Take out all the guys on the walkway.

Sprint out and take as many enemies as you can by surprise. There are three here, and one round to the left.

Follow your team out the door.

Sprint out and up these stairs into the next building.

Grab the Dragunov behind the pillar, and take out the snipers up on the balcony.




Four and Five


Once they yell smoke out, sprint up to the building.

Once given the prompt, kick the door in.

Switch to pistol in this area, it reloads and fires faster. Move through the area, checking corners before moving up.

Once the initial area is clear, wait for your team to open the door.

Run through the following room and up these stairs.

Take out the enemies as you move through this area.

Once the area is clear stack up and kick in this door.

Take out these enemies/

Once clear follow Voodoo through this area.

Run up to the top of the tower, don't worry there are no enemies up here.

After a short sequence you go back into the laser guide view.

Pay attention to and immediately take down any trucks that show up.

In this section, just take down any highlighted enemies when they appear, whilst killing fodder enemies in between.

Eventually, tanks will start showing up. Prioritise these over any further trucks that show up.

When the last tank dies, you are done. Two down!