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Medal Of Honor (2010) Walkthrough Mission 4: Dorothy's a Bitch

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Move up and take em down.


Keep moving when the way is clear

Wait for the signal, then waste them.

Move up and take down the enemies.

Once you clear the enemies place the demolition charges on that gun to the right, then blow it.

Move up and wait here until you switch to your laser guider.

Target the trucks

When they are down move up.

Stay hidden as this patrol rolls through.

Once they give the order, take em out.,

Hole around the side of this house, and take out the other enemies that show up.

Move up to this point and wait for your team to move through, then follow them.

As you move over here and around the corner, you will enter a scripted scene, just go with it.

Follow your team onwards and kick in the door.

Turn on night optics and move through the cave.

Be ready for the one to two guys who will appear.

Crouch move up to this overhang, trying not to make any noise and then wait for the go.

Take em out.

Follow your team and then up to the cliff edge, where you will transfer back to your laser missile guider. From here just lase all the HUD marked targets you can see.

Follow your teamate up to this cave and wait for him to open the door, you may or may not need optics here depending on how high you're brightness is.

As you follow your teammate, you will reach this last section, avoid the LMG - you will just get shredded, especially on hard - and just take out as many enemies as you can see.

Eventually you will be told to use the RPG.

It is over here, on this crate (already picked it up)


Four down.