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Medal Of Honor (2010) Walkthrough Mission 3: Running With Wolves

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Wait for the cutscene to end, then follow Dusty.

Stop behind Dusty when prompted to.

Follow Dusty up this hill and provide cover fire.

Take out this guy as he walks out, the other members of your team will move up.

When that is done, follow Dusty.

Shoot one of the guards, Dusty will shoot the other (On a side note it is a good idea to have subtitles enabled for this level as it will make it easier to know when Dusty is giving you a choice)

Move into this buidling around the corner and press up against the window.

Take out the guy up on the watchtower.

Next up take out this guy on the building to the right.

Dusty will take out a guy on the ground, then some enemies will come out of the buildings. Take them down.

Rally with your team.

Follow Dusty back to the ATVs

Mount up.

Pay attention to what Dusty says, this turn can come out of nowhere if you are going too fast.

Pull up alongside Dusty.

Turn on thermal optics to make this sequence easier. Take out any white dots you see.

After that keep following Dusty

Follow Dusty along into the village, and listen to his prompts. This is the easiest way to stealth through this section.

Take out the guy when Dusty says the other soldiers have left.

Hide with Dusty behind here. Stealth is a much quicker and easier option for this sequence.

Pick one, either way they're both dead.

Wait for Dusty to give you the all clear then move up and tag the truck.

As you move around towards the truck, this guy will appear, just shoot him down and tag the truck (I think Dusty nails him if you don't anyway)

Take out these guys before heading on over to Dusty for a Buddy Boost.

Follow Dusty's prompts on when the way is clear here.

When you get this prompt, crouch walk across to the house on the other side.

When you get inside either meelee or shoot the enemy with his back to you.

Move out the door and up behind the truck. Tag it.

As you head back the way you came, an enemy will walk in from the right.

When Dusty gives you the all clear again head on back.

Follow Dusty on back to the ATVs

Take out these guys, don't worry you won't be able to stealth this part.

Following Dusty you will eventually make it back to the ATVs.

Drive to the end of the level. Three in the hole!