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Medal Of Honor (2010) Walkthrough Mission 7: Friends from Afar

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Switch to WHT HOT thermals, and take out the enemies that Dusty points you to.

If you get lost, press up on the D-pad to pop the HUD marker, then follow it to your next target area.

Eventually you will pull out of your sniper and have to move.

Follow Dust along, while taking out enemies as you go.

Hide back here if you are uinder too much fire, just watch out for grenades.

Follow Dusty. When the HUD marker shows this guy, AVOID HIM, he is carrying a grenade and will blow both of you up if you get near him.

Instead move on up this side cliff, and look back to find this guy.

This is the point I decided to sit at.

Wait till these guys come to help the other one, then take all three out in one shot, when the guy on the left runs between the other two.

Just like this

Clean up all the other enemies then keep on moving.

Move on up this way and prone under this log.

Prone and move under this fallen branch, and you will return to sniper view.

Switch back to WHT HOT optics and take out all targets that show up on your HUD.

After this is done you will again move up with Dusty.

Go prone again and crawl under this fallen rock formation.

Finish up with another sniper sequence.

You know the deal: switch to white hot and drop every enemy and HUD marked target you see.

While shooting pay attention to what you are being told, you will need to focus on taking out some enemies to allow other members of your team on the ground move up.

Eventually the guys on the ground will move out and the mission will end. Seven down.