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Medal Of Honor (2010) Walkthrough Mission 9: Neptune Net

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Move forward along the path.

Crouch up behind this guy

and kill him.

Stick to the suppressed pistol, but pick up the AK as well in case you need to go loud.

Take out these guys quickly, preferably using a headshot and melee kill.

Once they are dead continue on around this cliff to the left.

A patrol will move up, hide prone over here behind this overhang.

Some sort of explosion will go off as they reach this point, clean up the leftovers and keep moving.

When you slide down here you will meet back up with Mother

This next section requires killing the enemies in a precise order in order to avoid a big fight.

Run up to the left here, following Mother. You don't acutally want night vision here, I just had it on.

Slowly move up and aim from here. Make sure you are in single fire mode, as you want to focus on headshots. Check your settings if you don't know what button it is.

Target one.

Target Two.

Target three

Now look over this way to the right.

Target Four

Over to target four's right, walking along the path.

Target Five. You may want to wait for him to stop.

Back out over here.

Target Six (wait till the guy in front has his back turned)

Target Seven

Gonna need to be quick here, Target Eight

And finally Target Nine.

Move on up

Buddy boost time.

Hold here, don't fire or make noise, or you will fail

Follow the low road when you are given the prompt, however when you reach this bridge, hold back until you are given the all clear as there are a number of enemies who lag behind and will walk up on you unexpectedly.

Take out one of the guys pissing on the bridge, Mother will take the other.

Move out under the bridge and come up on the left side of it, then take out this guy when given the choice. Mother will once again take the other guy.

This is

a better

visual representation

of what i just said.

Next take out the guy up top first, then drop the other two.

At this point, Mother will move off up this path and you will move off behind you and to the right.

You can see it over to the right.

As you crawl out, you will be discovered, just wait for the call to move.

When you can immediately move behind this rock

The best position for this section is up here on the cliff, where the enemies who discovered you were.

Once all the enemies are dead and you are clear follow Mother on up to the peak.

You will have another buddy boost eventually.

Follow Mother up into the abandoned village and into this shack.

You will end up getting ambushed, just hold up next to Mother whilst prone.

A scripted scene will take place and then you will eventually retake control. Using your pistol, take out all the enemies that come at you.

Finally you be back outside after another scripted scene. Just run forward to finish the level.

That would have to damn hurt.

Nine Down. Only one to go.