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Medal Of Honor (2010) Walkthrough Mission 10: Rescue the Rescuers

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Here we go, the final mission. To begin take out all the RPG enemies you can see.

Eventually you will leave the plane, so move on out and take cover up here

Stick to cover, whilst taking out enemies until the HUD prompt to target the Gunner using the SOFLAM appears.

Call in fire on the gunner.

Stay back until the position is destroyed or you will be killed as well (trust me I know)

Move on up the valley, taking out enemies as you go.

Switch to single fire to more easily take out these guys up on the hill.

Move to the prompt then target the next bunker.

As your team moves up to this point, DO NOT GET IN THEIR WAY. There is a scripted scene where one of them throws a grenade, which will bounce of you and blow you up.

The pistol is the best weapon for this next section as it will allow you to reload, target and shoot faster than your other weapons.

Grenades will also help tremendously here, and looking at how many you have, just start chucking them.

You will eventually reach a darker section of the cave so switch to NODs (Night Optical Devices)

However you will be immediately flared, so you don't really need them.

Move on up this ramp

Take cover over behind this crate as you clear the next room.

As you reach the end of the cave you will run into Voodoo and Preacher.

Follow your new teamate around and up into the AQ taking out guys as you go, then take cover here as you proceed.

Then move up behind this rock here on the right.

Look out over here to the left and take out the guy shooting out at you

Once you kill the guy, sprint across to where he was and run along the cliffside.

After everyone is dead, move on over to get a buddy boost.

This is it, the final section of the game.

Start by taking out this guy and picking up his Dragunov.

Focus on killing anyone who pops up on this MG.

Take out the enemies hiding over here to the left, then run up and take cover there.

Move up to this wall right in front and take cover behind. It is best to either go prone here or use the LB cover system.

Keep taking out anyone who pops up on the MG, and anyone shooting RPGs

This is the first place that RPGs will generally shoot from

And this is the second

After a designated time, air support will fire down on the bunker. Don't bother ever moving up directly on the bunker, you will be auto-killed every time even if no enemys around, which was very frustrating.

Run into the bunker, using the shotgun and take out this guy as you move through.

When you reach the door, wait for your team to stack, then kick it in.

Congratulations, you have finished the game.

Sit on through and enjoy the ending

And don't skip it or you'll miss the button scene