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Medal Of Honor (2010) Walkthrough Mission 8: Compromised

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For the opening part of the level, just hide in cover and take down all the enemies you can see, as usual focusing on RPGs.

When you get the prompt to move off, follow your teammate down the hill.

Unfortunately this asshole will eventually block you from moving forward, so take up cover in the building behind you, and take out enemies until you can move forward.

In the next area move up behind this wall as cover, and take out enemies.

Wait for your team to kick in this door.

As you get all the way down, enemies will start coming up behind you, take them down until you switch to SOFLAM then take them out.

Mark target.

Enemies will continue to move forward after the hut is destroyed, so keep taking them down until the air support does another pass.

Buddy boost up with your teammate.

Proceed on with your team through this village. If you feel confident you can sprint through the village and down to where you will need to extract, however this is not reccomended unless playing on Easy.

Eventually you will move down and jump on the tail gun of this chopper.

Two of your teammates will be left behind, so cover them with fire as the chopper moves around.

Take down all enemies you see.

Eventually the chopper will need to extract and you will leave Voodoo and Preacher behind. Eight Down.