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Medal Of Honor (2010) Walkthrough Mission 5: Belly of the Beast

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Move up through the valley while using your bots to see where to aim (they will target and spot enemies better than you will).

When you reach the end of the valley and proceed up and around to the left, switch to the shotgun - it will give you much better coverage and speed than the MSAW.

Move on up this fallen ramp that has been so conveniently created.

Stick with the shotgun as you proceed through this town as there are lot of tight corners and it will make it easier to take out enemies quickly.

Try sneaking around the sides of buildings and catching enemies from the side, just be sure that you don't get flanked instead.

When clear, wait for your team to kick in this door.

Proceed on through. Pay particular attention to this fence here, as a number of enemies will pop up behind it. Just belt them with the shotgun a couple of times.

You will eventually reach another door.

Your team will at some point kick it in.

In this next section, wait for your team to talk through their dialogue then get ready to sprint cover to cover.

Sprint and crouch slide up to this piece of cover.

Next move up to this piece over here on the left.

Finally get up here beside this doorway.

Now the objective of this section is to lay down suppressing fire, so just go ahead and shred with the MSAW.

You will know you're are doing it right if that little symbol you see above the canopy is showing.

(Better view, of symbol). Essentially keep doing this while taking out any enemies that start to bother you, until your team takes the MG out.

Depending on where you were when the MG went out, move back to cover and then deal with the following enemies that show up.

Eventually the MG will go boom (make sure you are back away to at least this distance or you may be killed and put back)

Follow on around the cliff edge to the left.

And then up into the village

Your team will talk for a bit then jump on over

Another valley, again use your team to spot enemies, if you cant see any then take them out.

Eventually move on up to this building, note the wonderful reception that the middle of aghanistan recieves as you are blown up by a cell bomb.

Sit through the scene of your sorry ass being dragged over to this building, then move up to the house on the left when you can.


Pick a window, then move up to it and particularly focus on any RPG enemy you can see.

Also make sure to destroy any trucks you see ASAP

Occasionally look out to your left or right to avoid being flanked

As the building degrades you may want to move out and stay behind it, the LB cover button will help you to stay alive here.

I guess someone drive a truck through the house at some point.

You may also find it helpful to go prone and switch to the handgun as your cover is destroyed more and more.

Hold on until the apaches show up to save your skin.

Nope. Five down, halfway there.