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Megaman X2 Walkthrough Flame Stag - Flame Stagger

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This Beetron tries to ram you into the rocks.

Ride on top of it and it will rise and thus lure it to the top.

Get the item here.

Then get the 1-up here.

Go down the right side and blast away the Barite Lastars.

Ignore the 1-up and make a break upwards.

Destroy the Bar Waying quickly and get the Heart Tank before the lava catches you.

You made it outside and the volcano just erupted.

Lure the Beetron to break this wall here.

Meet Serges.

He is weak to Sonic Slicer which I did not use in this fight.

He attacks by laying mines and shooting orbs while he backflips.

Serges retreats too.

You got Zero's head and all of his parts have been collected.

The Morguns will light the steam on fire with their tails. Beware of those.

Arm your Bubble Splash to take on Flame Stag.

Flame Stag likes to hop along the walls.

He will also do some dashes.He will toss you up if he catches you. Use Bubble Splash on him.

His fire attacks consists of throwing a fire down and throw one one.

After most of his energy is gone, his flames turn blue.

You got Speed Burner.

All Zero parts obtained and Dr. Cain discusses holding off the X-Hunters.