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Megaman X2 Walkthrough Wheel Gator - Wheel Alligates

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This is a Tiranos. It fires bullets from its snout.

Use these lifts to reach other places across the spikes.

Be sure to jump off and land on this one.

This is a Disk Boy 08. It will move its shield aside and attack with spiked disk. A charge shot will flip its shield in the air and leave it defenseless momentarily.

Get inside the ride armor.

Use it to destroy this wall.

Once on the outside, go on a rampage.

Other enemies use ride armor like this Rideloid-G but yours is stronger.

Once back inside get on this ride to go up.

Avoid getting hit by the Disk Boy 08's disks and get off before the spikes get you.

Always keep your Buster charged as you will see a lot of these Tubamail-Ss jetting in.

Another elevator ride with Disk Boy 08s

This is the Tubamail-S Generator. Destroy it with charge shots to keep it from generating more.

You don't fight the X-Hunters yet but if you did, this is the room where one would have been.

There is a hidden item here.

Destroy this Cannon Driver blocking the gate.

Arm your Strike Chain and prepare to face Wheel Gator.

Be sure to stay on the walls and only jump off when the Spin Wheel.

Failure to do so will result in Wheel Gator jumping out of the oil and chomping on you for major damage.

When Wheel Gator pops up, hit him your Strike Chain. This causes him to dive back into the oil. Another attack that is not shown here is him spinning horizontally and creating a spike in the wall.

You got Spin Wheel.


The X-Hunters appear on the map.