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Megaman X2 Walkthrough Intro Stage

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The first enemy in the game is the Cannon Driver. It's legs are destroyed by your crashed bike thus allowing you to finish it off by dealing with one cannon instead of two.

The Bar Waying serves as a barrier. Shoot it until it is destroyed.

This is a Scriver. It attacks by hopping towards you nosefirst.

This is a Scrambler. They try to latch on to you when above you.

Don't land in the mangled robotics. They will damage you.

When next to a wall, press the Jump button to hop up it. Do this to get this large Life-up.

The Scramblers are manufactured here but if it is empty, you can use it for a ride.

This Hanged Arm will try to drop you into a mangled robots but guide to the right and scale the wall to safety.

The Slidame will try to close in the walls on you. Scale the side to get to the top where safety is.

You can kill the Slidame before it pulls the walls completely together.

Gigantic Mechaniloid CF-0 is the intro boss.

It takes four charge shots to defeat it. Watch out for its backhand attacks.

You also got to watch out for its claw when it jumps.

The X-Hunters discussing their plot.

Password for end of intro stage.