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Megaman X2 Walkthrough Wire Sponge - Wire Hetimarl

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Scale up this wall at the beginning of the stage.

Inside this hidden passage is a Heart Tank.

The first enemy is a Croak Hopper. It is a small frog on top of a big frog and they both shoot bullets.

The weather begins to heat up. What you see here is a Weather Crystal. Hit with certain weapons to change the weather. Warm weather comes from the Speed Burner but with it being default here, Croak Hoppers will overheat and die automatically.

The Sole Solar charge up a beam and fire either a laser or a missile. You can stand on them to use as a platform.

There are spikes below so don't land on them.

Here is a Croak Hopper who is about to die automatically from the heat.

Now it is raining. Ride this platform upward.

That way you will reach this wall here.

Then jump to the right and get on top of this area.

The Croak Hoppers hop up and down and the smaller frog can become detached and any damage to it weather weapon or body contact kills it.

Further ahead is the first E-Tank.

Head to the lower left to get the 1-up.

At the end are some elevators.

Ride up the elevator and the Scrivers try to hop on you.

Be sure to get off the elevator before it reaches the spikes.

Sky Farmers drop eggs that form a Rightod or Sabottein.

This is a Rightod. It spawns during rainy weather from Sky Farmers. They summon lightning to strike you.

Aclandas have two different attacks. They're tails lob explosive grenades and their claws shoot triple beams.

Wire Sponge uses his vines for grappling hooks and attacks.

His main weakness is the Sonic Slicer which you don't have. He will sprout thorns that can be shot away.

When he spins his whip, he blocks bullets.

Sometimes he will throw the vine to attack.

Ocassionally, he will hop forward all over the place.

This is Wire Sponge grappling a wall and pulling himself towards it.

After taking severe damage, he turns red and angry and summons lightning all over the place.

Wire Sponge defeated. Mission Accomplished.

You got Strike Chain.