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Megaman X2 Walkthrough Bubble Crab - Bubbly Crablos

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This is a Bat Bone type G. They home in on Mega Man as usual.

Use the Spin Wheel to get the 1-up.

The Fisherns act like torpedoes. Kill them quickly.

The Sea Canthler is on the loose.

Use the Sonic Slicer to cut it to pieces if you like.

Avoid the laser by jumping high since water makes you jump higher.

It will only fire the laser if the searchlight touches you.

The Sea Canthlers path opens the floor below.

Watch out for Jelly Seekers as they try to shock you in the water.

This is another gate is probably where the Sea Canthler would have ended up.

Jump to the left and then to the right.

This is a Barite Lastar. It fires in three directions.

This is a X-Hunter room.

Meet Agile.

He tends to attack by sending large sword beams ahead. You will see this attack again in Mega Man X5 against Zero but varied.

He will only fire it hight or middle.

Magnet Mine is his weakness but none of those here.

His other attack is to dash across the screen.

Agile has been defeated.

You got Zero's legs.

There is the gate to Bubble Crab.

Arm your Spin Wheel and get ready for Bubble Crab.

If you hit him with the Spin Wheel, you will reset his attack pattern.

His Shield protects him from most attacks but Spin Wheel pops the bubble and hurts him.

He will jump up with his claws if you are higher than him. Use that advantage to manipulate the fight.

You got Bubble Splash.