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Megaman X2 Walkthrough Overdrive Ostrich - Sonic Ostreauge

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Shoot down these barriers to make them lean.

You can make good dash jumps off of them. This is enemy is a Crash Roader. It will just try to run you over.

The Aclanda is the only other enemy type you will fight besides Crash Roader and the soon to be seen Road Riders in this stage.

Normally I would have went to Bubble Crab's stage next but I detoured to Overdrive Ostrich to get an important part later on. I also fight a X-Hunter here. Use the Spin Wheel to break these rocks to get to the X-Hunter.

The fight is beyond this gate.

Meet Violen.

Bubble Splash is his actual weakness but we don't have that. Watch the trajectory of his mace tail and blast him with charged shots.

When Violen jumps, watch out for his sparks.

When he is defeated, Violen retreats.

You got Zero's torso.

Make your way down defeating the Crash Roaders.

Get on a Ride Chaser and ride over the spikes.

There are a lot of Road Riders. Shoot them as they come.

Jump over this sand blaster.

Then turn back and crash into it then go back and get another Ride Chaser and crash into it once more to destroy it.

Get another Ride Chaser.

Use it to knock this barrier down and go back for another one and use a dash to get on the upper level.

Do not crash into the spikes. What you want to do is time your turnaround to get the Heart Tank safely.

When you get to here...

Use Spin Wheel to clear the blocks.

You get the leg modification parts. Now you can dash while midair.

Crystal Hunter is the weakness weapon but you don't have it so just move forward.

A missile is launched.

But Mega Man X destroys it successfully.

Overdrive Ostrich likes to do a lot of dash attacks.

Ocassionally, he will jump into the background and run in the shadows.

From there he will try to jump into you.

Another attack he has is the Sonic Slicer which is hard to avoid. Stay in-between them.

You got Sonic Slicer