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Megaman X2 Walkthrough Morph Moth - Metamor Mothmeanos

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This is a Hanged Reploid. Shoot the head first to destroy it. Shoot the body to keep the head intact and it will spit fire. Attack the noose first and it will come to life. If you tried to pass under it, it will drop then attack.

The junk will rise up and collect on the ceiling.

Use the Spin Wheel here.

You get the body modification unit.

This enables you to use the Giga Crush.

This is a Garakuta Robot. It will break into parts when shot and reform if not defeated fast enough.

Go up these platforms.

The midboss is the Pararoid S-38 and Old Robot. You want to attack it while the Pararoid S-38 is out but you can only attack it when it is let out of the Old Robot. You can't attack it before you fight the Old Robot at the start.

The Old Robot attempts to jump on you.

Now it's time to attack Pararoid S-38. The Speed Burner kills it instantly but I decided to conserve it to use on Morph Moth.

If you failed to kill it, it will return and fetch another Old Robot.

This is a Pararoid V-1. Unlike the R-5 version. It does not have wings. They try to jump on you.

Climb the ladder and watch for Disk Boy 08.

Beyond him is...

where you would fight an X-Hunter.

Another fight with Pararoid S-38 and Old Robot.

The Spin Wheel works just as well.

Defeat this Cannon Driver blocking the gate.

Arm your Speed Burner to face Morph Moth.

Morph Moth starts off as a cocoon. Use Speed Burner to damage him in this form.

He takes a bit of continual damage from one hit.

When the string becomes detached, the cocoon will spin along the ground and kick up junk.

After enough damage, the larva rises up.

Morph Moth full form comes out and sparkles dust. This serves to slow you down.

More Speed Burner should due him in.

You got Silk Shot.