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Megaman X2 Walkthrough Crystal Snail - Crystar Mymine

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When you reach this spot, drop down here but slide down the wall. You can't do anything here just yet, this pic is to show you where you be going after... obtain the ride armor.

Go back to that pit and hang to the left to land here.

Arm your Strike Chain just in came you fail to clear the jump. What you do is perform a sliding jump while in the Ride Armor off the edge of the platform and then jump out and use your momentum to land on the platform and use an air dash for more length. Use Strike Chain to grab the side if that fails.

There is a Heart Tank here.

Ride the platform back to safety.

Get the Ride Armor back. This is a Refleczer. It fires shots at a 45 degree angle that bounces off walls.

Leave the Ride Armor here and head to the right.

Duck into hear as the crystal slides down and breaks this crystal blockage.

With it destroyed, you can go back for your Ride Armor.

March forward and destroy the crystal blocks.

Leave the armor and scale the wall.

The midboss is Magna Quartz.

It sends eyes out that shoot laser balls.

Use Giga Crush if you have to do major damage.

Get moving quick because the green crystal can crush you against a wall and kill you.

Do a sliding jump to reach this life up.

You need to run away from this one and get it to break the blue crystals here which also slows it down.

In this room, you can charge up your Silk Shot to make powerups appear.

Now you are just got to dodge another type of green crystal to avoid then head to the boss.

Whenever he is hit by a Magnet Mine, Crystal Snail will be stunned out of his shell and slide into a wall.

He will then jump back into his shell after a few seconds.

The shell will spin rapidly sometimes and rocket towards you.

If he hits you with Crystal Hunter. It will freeze you into place.

You got Crystal Hunter.

X-Hunters base located.