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Megaman X2 Walkthrough X-Hunter Stage 2: Serges

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Watch out for Fisherns while in the water.

There are a lot of Barite Lastars in the water.

They then to appear in a zigzag pattern.

Hand onto the sides of these platforms to stay off the spikes.

Do the same for the other side.

Wait for this one to pass under you.

Then get to the right.

Wait for this next one to come down and ride it up through the spikes.

There are torches so avoid them.

Cling on the opposite side to avoid the flames but use normal wall hops to avoid the spikes.

Clear these Bat Bone Type Gs.

Charge up your Speed Burner.

Then use it to clear the spikes.

Use the Spin Wheel on these blocks.

Destroy the Cannon Driver below.

You have to destroy those four pods to reach Serges.

But a Giga Crush destroys them all in one shot.

Use charged Sonic Slicers to defeat them as they come from below and hit him.

You are safe on the platform of his machine.

It's hard to hit him head on but you can use normal Sonic Slicers too.

Serges has been destroyed.