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Megaman X2 Walkthrough X-Hunter Stage 1: Violen

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Make your way downward.

Watch out for Scriver and get the 1-up.

Get rid of Scriver and ride this platform.

The Slidame is out to crush you again.

The next closing walls has uneven walls.

The next section you can kill Slidame easier.

Don't let the Hanged Arm get you.

You want to go up. The down path is from the alternate route.

Another closing uneven wall section.

The first X-Hunter is ahead.

Use Bubble Splash on him.

The attack pattern against Violen is the same except there are two blocks that alters the path of his mace tail attack.

He also can land on the block and attack from there. Ocassionally, he will raise his arms to change the block formation.

Violen has been destroyed.