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Metal Gear Solid: Rising Revengeance Walkthrough Boss Battle: Metal Gear EXCELSUS

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The battle starts with a showdown against a Metal Gear, like all other MG games. EXCELSUS will fight with its blades at the beginning of the battle, it's easy to avoid them by just parrying the large blade.

Once both blades are down on the ground, you can attack them. Use the polearm to deal the largest amount of damage in the shortest amount of time.

EXCELSUS can also attack you with just one blade at a time, alternating hits with the left and right blade. Ninja run across the platform to avoid it, if you're lucky you can put in a hit or two but I won't recommend it cause the next blade might hit you.

At around 85% EXCELSUS will turn to the right and place one of its feet on the ground. Attack the foot as soon as it reaches the ground. At this point it will try to stomp you, you can parry it to avoid getting damaged.

When the EXCELSUS's HP hits 70%, the leg will be damaged enough to let you use blade mode on it. Activate blade mode, then start chopping up the leg.

After which Raiden will get back on the lower leg of the EXCELSUS. Use ninja run and run up towards the Metal Gear's knee, then activate blade mode and start chopping it.

EXCELSUS will get stunned after the leg gets cut off. Run up to the cockpit and start hacking away at it until it recovers.

When it recovers, it'll abandon the blades and switch to the cannons. Gekkos will also be deployed in the area. Stay at the far right corner of the stage to avoid the vertical beams or near the metal gear to avoid the horizontal ones and eliminate the Gekkos, make sure that you take the battery pack from them to replenish your health.

After a while it will go back to blade mode and you'll be able to parry and attack it the same way you did before. Get its HP down to 30% and EXCELSUS will stomp another leg on the platform.

Head for the foot and attack it the same way you did with the other one. It wouldn't take long before you'll be allowed to use blade mode on this leg.

After destroying the second leg, you'll have to go through QTE to destroy Metal Gear EXCELSUS and move on to the second part of the boss battle.