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Metal Gear Solid: Rising Revengeance Walkthrough Boss Battle: Senator Armstrong Part 2

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This is when the real boss battle begins. And by my word this was not an easy boss battle. Much like Sam's and Sundowner's boss battle, there aren't any checkpoints mid battle. Meaning if you die, you repeat everything from when he had 200% HP. Oh yeah, and also he has 200% HP instead of 100% and he can easily cleave off 25% of your HP.

At the very beginning of the battle, Armstrong will charge up an attack and slam the ground twice in a row, run up to him immediately after the second one and start attacking him.

Every time he uses an attack that looks flashy, like the first one where there's a tremendous amount of aura around him, you should ninja run around and watch out for his attack. These will always mean either a straight line of fire, a fire wall or cracks on the ground. The first 2 is easy to avoid, the third one you'll have to avoid the crack and wait for them to burst into flames and disappear before you move around again.

He will also have 1 unblockable move at this stage. It's the same one as the previous battle, where he glows yellow and dashes after you. Ninja run as soon as you see him do this, then jump away as he's about to grapple you. It may take a bit of practice to get the technique down, but you'll eventually get it.

Basically the only time that you can damage Armstrong is after blocking his attack and when you do a perfect parry. It's going to take a while to drop his HP but you'll get there. Just focus on surviving and putting in some damage here and there whenever you can safely land some hits. Don't be too greedy with hits, you'll die. This guy is no joke with the sheer amout of damage he can do and his near peerless defence.

When you get his HP down to 150%, Armstrong will jump up where you can't reach him and start throwing large rocks at you. Go into blade mode and take your time with destroying the rocks. This is what all those blade mode practices were for. I tried doing this level with a mouse and keyboard and it was just nearly impossible to get through this part, so I highly recommend a controller.

After the third boulder, don't let go of the blade mode button. Armstrong will emerge from the rocks and you'll be able to hit him in blade mode. This will also drop some items like health kits for you if you hit him.

Another great attack that you should be looking out for is Armstrong charging his left hand and coming after you with his left hand raised and engulfed in flames. Block it and you'll go into QTE, press the buttons correctly and you'll shave off atleast 30% of his health. Although you'll lose your sword and you'll have to reclaim it by approaching it and pressing B.

After a while of dealing some damage on him, Armstrong will start sucking out life force from the machines around. You'll know he's doing it when he starts to glow green. Get behind him and go into blade mode, then slash at the red box to deal some damage and stun him for a short time.

And that's basically how the whole battle will go. It's really just a matter of waiting for the right time to strike and precision with blade mode. Now all you have to do is get his HP to 10%.

Once you get to 10%, Armstrong will repeatedly spam the attack that leads to QTE. Don't even try to block it cause the effects will be the same. Raider will get hit and lose his blade. Follow the QTE on the screen and when Armstrong charges his right hand, just press the blade mode button and hit the red boxes.

I had a lot of problem with this part of the game. Apparently there's a frame rate issue where if you are not hitting the correct frame rate, meaning your machine is lagging a bit, the whole blade mode in the end is buggy and Armstrong will punch you before you can even go into blade mode. So I googled around and found a solution, it will work as long as you lower your resolution to 800x600.

Once you get through the blade mode sequence, keep doing the QTE and go back into blade mode after Raiden pulls the katana out of Armstrong, start slashing at his heart and a cutscene will play. Have fun watching the ending. Armstrong seemed so impossible when I started doing this boss battle. Took me 2 whole hours to finally be able to kill him at the last stage.