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Metal Gear Solid: Rising Revengeance Walkthrough Boss Battle: Sundowner

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At the beginning of the battle, Sundowner will immediately try to push you with his shields. Parry it and QTE will appear on the screen.

Win the power struggle and Raiden will force his shield open, revealing the arms that hold the shields in place. It's important for you to only hit the arms that are highlighted with blue, hit any other part of the shield and you'll get damaged.

"The only way that you will ever damage Sundowner is to first remove all his shields. His lunge attack is the best way, but you can also deflect his attack and use blade mode to cut along the boxes that will appear on the shield.

Take your time with aiming at his shield, it's a lot easier to deflect Sundowner than it is to lose your health in trying to be fast with cutting the shields. Also using free blade mode will be your best and only option in this battle.

After losing all of his shields, Sundowner will be more aggressive and sneaky with his attacks. For red attack markers, use parry. However and I cant stress this enough, if the attack marker is yellow, then you need to jump. Ninja run won't cut it, you need to jump to avoid his wide range attack.

When his HP falls below 50%, Sundowner will start calling for back up. Just 2, perfect for you to regain some health. He'll also grab a huge pole from the side of the Helipad, deflect the pole twice to break it. It won't break on its own, you really need to break it yourself.

Other than that, he's an easy boss. The only difficult part of this is destroying his shield. You can parry his attack and smash him with the polearm until he's at 10% HP.

After getting his HP to 10%, Sundowner will destroy the helipad and send Raiden flying. Once you're on the Slider, navigate it through the shaft and destroy the ceiling with blade mode. Then follow the QTEs to finish off Sundowner.