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Metal Gear Solid: Rising Revengeance Walkthrough Boss Battle: Monsoon

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Monsoon is the second member of the winds of destruction, along side Mistral and Sundowner. He isn't terribly hard to defeat, but he is very annoying. At the start of the battle he'll often attack you with his Sai, you can easily block this with your HF blade, unfortunately you can't hit him with a counterattack.

He will also occasionally throw red phosphorus gas and completely obscure your view. He'll then pop up from nowhere and attack you. You need to be quick about blocking his attack when he does this. You can only keep blocking until the smoke clears up.

Even though he's quick and annoying, he's still human and vulnerable to your attacks. Just block his attack and attack him with the polearm, since it has more power than the HF blade.

When his HP is down to 70%, Monsoon will jump up on the pillar and activate his magnetic abilities. He'll throw cars and choppers on you, go into blade mode and start attacking regardless of how far the vehicles are.

"He'll go back down after throwing vehicles at you thrice. You'll notice that he now emits a violet aura. This will not be so easy anymore. When he has violet aura around him, he's completely immune to all of your attacks. He can also send his arms and legs to reach you when you're too far away.

He will also still use the phosphorus gas on you at this stage, even blocking his attack while phosphorus is around will prevent you from landing a hit on him.

After successfully countering his attack, go into blade mode and aim for the sphere that's on the front of his mask. Once you hit it, the aura will be gone and his head will fly off.

Approach the head and start attacking it. Monsoon will soon rebuild his body and he'll go back to his normal form, meaning you can attack him normally again.

Get his HP down to 50% and he'll turn invulnerable again. He'll also start throwing vehicles at you at a larger quantity this time. Go into blade mode and keep slashing the vehicles, the last vehicle often comes at you from above, in which case you'll need to use Y to do a vertical slash and destroy it.

After destroying everything that he throws at you, Monsoon will come down again and attack you on the ground while he's invulnerable. Parry his attack and send his head flying again.

When his HP gets to 40% Monsoon is going to climb back up the building and use his magnetic ability to create a large pile of rubble and smash you with it a couple of times. You can avoid it by running to the left or right with ninja run.

When Monsoon comes back to the ground, wait for an opportunity to parry his attack and hit the sphere on his helmet to force him back to his original form.

Continue attacking him and he'll start throwing vehicles at you again once you've gotten his HP down to 20%. Destroy them with blade mode, then force Monsoon back to his original form and lower his HP to 10%.

At which point he'll start throwing the rubble at you again a couple of times. Keep dodging it and eventually Monsoon will levitate the large pillar and attempt to crush you with it.

Use ninja run and start running up the pillar, then follow the QTE to finish off Monsoon. You'll obtain his Sais after the battle. This boss is easy as long as you know how to parry attacks, that's why you should seriously learn how to parry before heading for this level.