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Metal Gear Solid: Rising Revengeance Walkthrough Commercial District

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Once you get back to the streets, approach the bridge on the right side and police officers will come and attack you, as well as a GARD that's on the bridge. Take out the police officers first, then destroy the pillars holding the bridge up to bring the GARD down, then take it out.

Head for the barricade and activate your AR mode. You'll see three police officers patrolling the area beyond the barricade. Climb up the stairs on the right side and assassinate the stationary one standing at the top.

Now wait for the 2 officers below to start heading to the left side, then drop assassinate the one that gets left behind and quickly assassinate the las one.

Go back up the stairs and head for the larger set of stairs beyond the path. There's a lot of security here and you'll have to take them all down.

After killing all the officers, a blade wolf will come and attack you. This guy is just the same as the boss you fought in the second mission, the only difference is that it has a gun mounted on its back. Ninja run to the sides when it charges its gun to avoid it.

Climb up the stairs and follow the path, the screen will change and Sam will talk to you. Head for the champagne bottle hologram at the middle of the plaza to start a cutscene.

When the cutscene ends, take out the police officers that will come to attack you and another cutscene will play.

Raiden will be in very bad shape after the battle. Wait for the officer to pass the street and head for the left side, then make your way to the right side and go past the shuttle.

Turn left after passing the shuttle and head for the World Marshal gate. The guard will automatically leave his post once you get close enough.

Go in and head for the door after the guard leaves his post. There are two more inside, they will attack you as soon as they spot you. Just let them beat you up and Sam will come out soon afterwards and a cutscene will start.