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Metal Gear Solid: Rising Revengeance Walkthrough Boss Battle: Mistral

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Mistral's boss battle is easy, the only thing that makes this hard are those Dwarf Gekkos that will constatly get in your way. I would recommend you take care of the Gekkos first and just watch out for Mistral's attacks.

Mistral will attack you with her pole arm, each attack is just a variation of the other. At this stage there's really not much to watch out for and she's easy to parry through out the battle. After parrying her attack, you'll be allowed to use blade mode and slice her weapon in half.

After destroying her weapon, you have 2 choices with how to damage her. Deal a large amount of damage in a short time by leaving blade mode, but at the cost of a possible interruption from the Dwarf Gekkos or stick with blade mode and do little damage.

Mistral will recover after a while, now here's the luck bit. If you're lucky enough she'll run across the platform and you can catch her while she's doing this. Any attack landed on her while she's unarmed will cause her to be vulnerable to your attacks.

After recovering from your attacks, Mistral will jump up on one of the pipes and start raining Dward Gekko body bombs at you. I'm not sure wether you can deflect them back to her, cause obviously I suck at blocking, but you can avoid getting him by parrying them.

Mistral will then come down after recovering her weapons. If she has more than 75% HP then the battle will continue the same way it did before. If she has less than 75% then QTE will follow after you block her attack.

After she grabs your leg with her weapon. Go into blade mode and just keep on slicing up the weapon and wait for the cutscene to play.

The next stage is a bit harder to maneuver due to the restrictive space and constant barrage of Dwarf Gekkos from either side of the pole.

"Mistral will have 3 attacks at this stage. The first is a whip attack with her weapon, the second is a three hit combination, the third is an aerial lunge attack. All of these can be parried and can lead into blade mode.

The good thing about this stage is that you don't have to wait for a chance to parry her attack and go into blade mode to damage her. Even if you miss the chance to go into blade mode, you can damage her as long as you're behind her when you attack.

When her HP goes below 50%, she'll smash the pipe and you'll descend to the final stage of the battle.

She has another new attack, which is a linear whip attack. It's easy to parry, but unless you're really close you can't use this attack to go into blade mode.

Other than that new attack the battle will go almost the same way as the first stage. Deflect her attack and break her weapon, then deal some damage and she'll throw bombs at you while she's recovering her weapon.

At about 19% of her HP, Mistral will start using a different attack, she'll spin around with her pole and start going around the area like a wheel. It looks flashy, but it's easy to deflect. Just keep at her until her HP falls below 10%.

She'll then attack you and the QTE buttons will appear on the screen. Press them and start slashing at Mistral once you're able to use blade mode to finish her off. The mission will end afterwards. Make sure to upgrade the polearm that you got from this mission at the upgrade screen before starting the next mission.