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Metal Gear Solid: Rising Revengeance Walkthrough The Old City

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After taking down the blade wolf, head for the barricades at the left side and take them down. There are 3 soldiers patrolling this area.

"Take down the soldier with a gun first, you need to do it quickly before the shielded guys get to you.

Head to the right side of the street once you're clear. There's a rocket launcher there, take it. You'll be needing these in a little while, that's why I'm making you get them.

Get on the bridge and 2 military choppers will come after you and blow the bridge up. Run across the bridge with ninja run and don't stop even when you can't see Raiden.

When you get to the other side, you'll be forced to take down one of those choppers. Go around the area and pick up the homing missiles that are scattered about. There's 3 of these around here.

Press the right button on your Dpad to bring up the weapon menu. Select either the homing missle or rocket launcher.

Now press LB to take out the launcher and press RT to launch the missile. The chopper will be dazed after being hit. Run up to it and start slicing it.

It will start to glow after a while. When it does, it will retreat and send missiles your way. Wait for a missile to be within your range, then use ninja run and run towards the missile.

Go into blade mode once you get near the chopper and start slicing it up. This is like how you dealt with the Metal Gear in the previous mission.

After dealing with the chopper, head north towards the next area. Immediately after entering through the arc, turn left and grab the EM Grenade from the orange box and equip it.

Then aim it at the soldiers who are holding a civilian captive. The grenade will temporarily disable them. Once they're dazed, run up and start killing them.

Keep them away from the man once they recover. Raiden's attacks can't kill the man, but stray bullets from the enemies will.

For the winged soldiers you have to jump up in the air near them and start slashing at them. They should go down really quickly.

Head for the gate further north after taking care of the civilian. You'll receive a call from base because the door is locked and you need clearance.

Go back to where you saved the civilian and an armored vehicle will come, there's three soldiers inside of it. Hug the left side of the vehicle and wait for the soldier to come out, then approach them from behind and take them down one by one.

After killing the three soldiers, hug the wall on the right side and go back down to the area where you got the EM grenade. Assassinate the soldier that's standing there, then immediately go into blade mode.

Slash him across his arms to slice off his left hand. Be careful with this cause you really need to get this hand. Don't destroy it!

Take the hand then head back to the gate and interact with the panel to open it. Head inside and you'll be attacked by a group of soldiers.

A new enemy will appear at this place. He's like the common soldier, but more heavily built and he's equipped with a larger sword. he's pretty hard to take down, cause unlike the regulard soldier you'll have to parry him a couple of times before you can completely slice him up.

After killing the soldiers, head inside the building and use the crates to ninja run all the way to the top, then exit through the door on the right. A cutscene will play after you pass through the door.

Ninja run up the wall and drop down on the opposite side, take down the soldier that's right below you, then take down the one that's patrolling on the right side.

Climb up the crates on the left side and take out the soldier that's on the roof. Be careful he has a rocket launcher.

A Gekko will attempt to stomp you. Parry at the right moment to deflect it and press the QTE to kill it off quickly.

Head for the building on the northwestern side of the area once you've killed all the soldiers. Boris will contact you and inform you that there was a call for back up. You can either head back to the circle and fight the choppers again, or press the switch and leave the area.