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Metal Gear Solid: Rising Revengeance Walkthrough R-01: Coup d'Etat

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As soon as you land on the beach, head to the right side and go under the bridge. You'll find a staircase just past it. Use the staircase to climb up to the city streets.

When you get on the street, you'll immediately be attacked by 3 soldiers. Don't move, just wait for the middle guy to attack you first, then parry his attack to stun all 3 of them.

Go into blade mode and you'll notice that these squares now appear on the enemies. Aim for the squares, once you hit it at the right place a prompt to press B will come up. Press it and Raiden will take the enemy's power supply and replenish his energy and health. This is very useful for combat.

After you've eliminated the 3 soldiers, head inside the building that's right in front of the beach. Once inside, use ninja run and start climbing up on the crates at the left side and get to the second floor.

Sometimes you'll find orange boxes lying around the area. Approach these and attack them. They usually have BP or secondary weapons hidden inside them.

Head out the door and drop down on the next floor. There's a soldier here. quietly approach him from behind, then press B when the prompt appears.

Go into blade mode after stabbing the soldier from behind, then lower your blade so that the line runs across the soldier's arms. That's right around the center of the square, then cut there. You'll receive either left or right hand doing this, most of the time both. Silent takedowns give you the most BP. The head can also be cut, but you need to be quick when doing it.

Head through the corridor and exit through the door at the end of it. You'll find 4 soldiers in the next area and they have a hostage. Press up on the Dpad to go into AR mode.

Head to the left side and use ninja run to cross the gap. Get behind the soldier, but don't use ninja run or you'll be spotted. When you're behind him, assassinate him.

Cut him up to get more BP. Information will appear on the screen when you've cut up the correct places. Getting all 3 parts (head, L arm, R arm) gives you twice as much BP than just destroying them.

Now go into AR mode and wait for the soldier that's patrolling the bridge to turn around and head for the right side of the bridge. Follow him, then kill him.

Head for the rightside of the bridge, then climb down to the ground floor. Approach the soldiers from behind, then kill them. You can slice the first one, but don't take the power cell cause the second one will notice you.

After killing all 4 soldiers, approach the man and inform him of his safety.

Head towards the second bridge after helping the man. Here you'll have no choice but to walk directly towards the soldiers. When you do you'll be attacked by a Gekko, along with 2 soldiers.

Wait for the Gekko to charge towards you, then block its attack. Press the QTE that appears on the screen, then go into blade mode and slice it up to destroy it quickly. Then take care of the soldiers afterwards.

If you don't move and just wait for the Gekko to ram you, you can get lucky and take down all 3 of them at the same time.

After taking care of the soldiers, head up the stairs on the right side and head for the next area. There's a rocket launcher beside the cardbord boxes, take it then kill the soldier that' on the other side of the box.

Now head across the bridge and take out the rest of the enemies that are in the area. All of the Gekko's attacks are blockable except when it starts to glow yellow and this is true for all opponents. Yellow means grapple attack so you can't parry it.

When you're clear to move out, head for the building on the far left end of the street and press the button on the left side of the door to open it.

Use ninja run to quickly climb up the stairs and head for the corridor at the top floor. A cutscene will start once you get to the middle.