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Metal Gear Solid: Rising Revengeance Walkthrough The Refinery

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After the call from Boris, head down the small path on the left side and descend to the refinery from there. Slice up the gate at the end of the path to get in.

Dwarf Gekkos will attack you once you get inside. It's a lot harder to parry them, so just start slicing at them to avoid getting attacked. They love to latch onto your back and electrocute you, so be wary of that as well.

Soldiers will also come as reinforcements. Quickly take care of them and deal with the remaining Dwarf Gekkos then proceed to the left side and climb up using the crates. Destroy the exhaust fans at the top to enter the refinery.

Jump down the lower floor and run up to the camera. Make sure to avoid the beam that's running under it, then destroy the camera and climb up the stack of crates on the far left corner.

When you get to the higher floor, run up to the second camera and slice the pillar that it's mounted on. The camera will be destroyed with it.

Head inside the next room and Boris will stop you from proceeding. Activate your AR with the up button on the Dpad and you'll see that a laser is running across the wall. Use Ninja run to avoid it.

Use AR again as soon as you pass through the first laser alarm. There's a second one immediately after it. Use ninja run again to get across.

Run up to the camera and destroy it, then activate AR. You'll see that the whole area above the stairs is rigged with laser alarms. Use the opening on the left side and climb up with ninja run to avoid the lasers.

Head to the left side of the corridor and destroy the camera that's right on top of the boxes, then enter the room.

Activate your AR and run past the lasers on the left side, then start climbing up the stairs.

Destroy the camera that's right above the stairs, then proceed to the right and kill all of the guards and destroy the lone camera on the left side.

Now head for the switch on the left side and activate it to open the door. Exit the building and you'll find yourself at a long staircase.

Climb to the top of the refining tower and be prepared for a boss battle.