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Metal Gear Solid: Rising Revengeance Walkthrough Boss Battle: IF Prototype LQ-84i

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This guy has a couple of attacks. The first is the same with the cutscene, where he throws 3 blades at you. This is blockable by your parry, but it's not an attack that you can stun him with.

The second is his chainsaw tail which he can use to either jump in the air and attack you like a saw wheel or a three hit combination attack on the ground. These attacks can also be parried, and when parried at the right time can stun the blade wolf.

The third one is a lunging attack, where the blade wolf will jump up the air and fly towards you like a torpedo. Another good attack for a parry and counter.

After a successful parry and counter, start slashing at the blade wolf until he regains his balance, then wait for him to attack you and parry again.

After getting his HP to around 70%, the blade wolf will call for reinforcements. 3 guards will come and attack you, wait for one of them to attack, then parry it and slice all 3 of them in blade mode.

The blade wolf will come down after you've killed his reinforcements. Parry his attack again and deal some damage.

I don't recommend attacking the blade wolf with just blade mode since it does such a small amount of damage. Just slice him up with a combination of light and heavy attacks to deplete his HP a lot faster.

At around 35% the blade wolf will call a Gekko for help. Don't move around and just wait for it to charge at you, then block it and press the QTE to quickly destroy it.

The blade wolf will once again come back down after you've killed the Gekko. This time his charge/lunge attack will be different. Instead of heading straight for you, he'll try to daze you by running around the place and charging at you from the side. Just keep parrying until he finishes this attack.

Start attacking him again after parrying his attack. You need to bring his HP down to less than 10%, just keep at him until you get it down.

He'll get dazed after you get his HP below 10% at which point QTE will appear on the screen. Press the buttons that are highlighted to take him down and end the battle.