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Metal Gear Solid: Rising Revengeance Walkthrough R-03: Mile High

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So this time around you'll be up against the Police. They may look different and weild electric batons instead of swords but these guys have the same attack pattern as all the soldiers you've killed so far.

Take care of them then head for the bridge, blade wolf will inform you of the route that you'll be taking from here on out.

Head under the bridge and you'll be attacked by 2 GARD aka. transformer tank. They have the military color scheme but they do attack the same way as the one in the research facility.

Focus on one at a time, since both your polearm and HF blade are upgraded you can expect this battle to be a lot easier than the previous one. Just keep hitting them with the polearm and they'll go down in no time.

After defeating the GARDs, head inside the building on the upper left side of the area and climb up the escalator towards the next floor.

Head inside the building through the entrace from the outdoor tables and climb up the stairs, then turn right and open the door to the office area. Eliminate the enemies that will appear and head for the door on the opposite side.

Turn right at the split and follow the corridor, eliminate the policemen that are patrolling the area, then enter the elevator at the right side corridor and take it up to the roof.

After exiting the elevator, head down the lower roof and climb up on the crane. Use the crane to get on the roof at the left side of where you came from.

Turn left, then kill the three guards that are patrolling the roof.

Climb up the higher roof and use the red metal mesh platform and jump down on the roof right below it. Then head up the stairs and turn right, use ninja run to climb up the wall near the ladder.

Once you get up the next roof, approach the stairs and you'll be attacked by a new type of soldier, one that holds a huge hammer. I tried blocking this guy's attacks but it seems like you can't blade mode them. Take care of the flying enemies first before dealing with the hammer guy.

When he glows yellow, run away from him. He's gonna slam his hammer at the ground and if you get hit it causes massive damage. Well massive in terms of he's not a boss.

You'll have to take down 2 of them right off the bat. Use the polearm for this since it has a wide range and you can damage both of them at the same time. When their arms or legs start to glow, chop them off to significantly reduce the battle difficulty.

Climb up the stairs on the left side, then take out the soldiers that are on top of the roof. There's also a chopper patrolling this roof.

Shoot a homing missile at the launcher and keep attacking it until it glows. For some reason ninja run doesn't work on the missiles here, so just run up to the chopper, jump and activate blade mode to take it down.

Now jump down from the left side of the roof and turn right. You'll see some soldiers standing near the edge of the roof. Run up to them and take them out.

Turn left at the corner and follow that path. The blade wolf will call you and inform you that you can't proceed any further in the rooftops. Destroy the mesh door on the far left wall and head inside the elevator shaft. Slash at the elevator cables to bring down the elevator.

Once you're at the abandoned railroad, press up on the Dpad to activate your AR mode and see through the dark. There are a couple of Mastiffs here but they're also affected by the darkness.

You can easily approach the Mastiffs from behind and take them out via he B button. They won't spot you as easily, but you still have to avoid their line of sight or else they will spot you.

Make your way to the left side of the railroad and eliminate the Mastiffs that are in your way, then climb up the train on the right side of the collapsed tunnel and destroy the Dwarf Gekkos that will come and attack you.

Climb down the opposite end of the platform and kill the Mastiff that's patrolling the railway, then climb up on the train platform and destroy the Mastiff and Dwarf Gekkos that will attack you.

Head for the right side of the platform and use the switch to open the door. Head inside the door and blade wolf will contact you again, then destroy the metal gate and head back to the surface.