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Metal Gear Solid: Rising Revengeance Walkthrough R-06: Badlands Showdown; Boss Battle: Jetstream Sam

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I will not go into detail with Sam's attacks, mainly due to the fact that you'll be on the offensive here. I will mention a couple of his moves here and there though, just to make sure you can avoid them should the need arise.

Equip the polearm at the beginning of the battle. Make sure you have it on max damage upgrades. Keep close to Sam and just keep on pounding him with the polearm since it will go through his defence no matter what.

While attacking Sam, he won't be staggered with the constant barrage of attacks that you throw at him. Meaning always be on the look out for the attack marker and when you see it, immediately parry. Don't wait for timings just parry.

At around 70% Sam will attempt to use his signature move, where he'll jump away and use the gun trigger on his Katana's hilt and quickly dash at you. Parry it (no timing needed, parry it and it will automatically trigger blade mode) and aim for the red box on his hand to get him to drop his weapon.

Sam will lose his weapon after you've successfully hit the red box. At which point he will fight with hand to hand combat. He will not be any easier at this point, and he's dangerous since he has a kick that doesn't have an attack marker.

You can go against his normal attacks by using the Sai, equip it once Sam loses his weapon, then run away from Sam and press Y to get Raiden to use the Sai to get close to sam, then chain it with another Y to attack Sam from above. Deal some extra damage on him whenever you can.

At 50% Sam will catch your blade and QTE will appear on the screen. Win the power struggle and you'll chip off 3% from Sam's HP and he'll recover his weapon.

Sam will be a bit more dangerous after getting his weapon back. He'll also be a bit more aggressive. Re-equip the polearm and go after Sam, like the first part of the battle, keep attacking him unless you see an attack marker.

Also during this stage of the fight, Sam will use an upgraded version of his signature move. Instead of one, he'll now use it three times in a row and attempt to hit you. Just keep blocking them, then run after him and attack him with the pole arm again.

At around 20% you need to be more careful will blindlessly attacking Sam. He'll sometimes go into a defensive position and his weapon will turn yellow-white'ish. Don't attack him when his weapon is like this, he'll parry your attack and land a devastating counter.

After lower his HP to below 20% he'll also attempt to slice the ground and throw rocks at you. Go into blade mode and start destroying the rocks to avoid damage.

Keep on relentlessly attacking Sam with the polearm, eventually you'll break his guard and he'll fall back a little. When he does this, go into reaper mode and start dealing some heavy damage with the polearm.

When you finally get his HP at 10%, Sam will use his signature move one more time, block it then quickly press the QTE that will appear on the screen.

Go into blade mode and hit Sam's arm one more time to end the battle. This boss battle isn't really hard. It's more of tricky and having fast reactions. As long as you can block 90% of his attacks, you'll make it.