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Metal Gear Solid: Rising Revengeance Walkthrough R-05: Escape From Denver

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After falling down from the chopper and speaking to Boris, Raiden will immediately be attacked by Desperado operatives. Kill them, then the alert status will disappear.

Defeat the enemy group, then hide behind the large cargo truck and activate your VR goggles. You'll see 3 Gekkos prowling the area. Wait for one of them to get near the truck, then use ninja run to get on top of the truck and drop assassinate it. Then take out the other 2.

Head for the far left corner of the street and head back to fountain (where you previously met with Sam's hologram) and eliminate the Desperado operatives that will ambush you.

Proceed further down the street and kill any Dwarf Gekko that you can find prowling around the area. You can also use missile launchers at them to kill them off quickly without being detected.

Further down the streetyou'll be attacked by a group of Raptors and Sliders. Go into Reaper mode and use the polearm to quickly kill the Raptors, then jump in the air and destroy the Sliders.

On the street where the barricade was in mission 4, you'll find a whole group of Desperado operatives and a GARD. Kill the guard that's standing on top of the platform, then go down and use Reaper mode to quickly destroy the GARD and finish off the remaining enemy soldiers.

Destroy the mesh wire barricade and head to the end of the street where you'll find a lone Mastiff guarding the area, immediately go into Reaper mode and kill it, then kill the guards that will arrive shortly.

After defeating the remaining Desperado operatives, head for the mesh barricade, then chop it up and head through it to end the mission.