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Metal Gear Solid Walkthrough Getting The DARPA Chief

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Now, after a codec call about your mission and what not, you can start your first objective: Saving the DARPA Chief.

Go up the helipad and run past the search lights.

You could go to the room right beside the helipad and get the Stun Grenades.

Or just go forward and go inside the facility the easiest way.

Also, dont forget the SOCOM in this truck. You'll probably need it.

To the left of the truck, there'll be a guard sleeping on the job. Behind him is an air duct and the easiest way to get inside the Shadow Moses facility.

He wont notice you crawling since he's sleeping...stupid guard.

And boom! You're in.

As you crawl through the vent, there'll be rats. Then your metor, Master Miller, will call you.

He will tell you a little about what's going on in his personal life, yada yada ya, then he'll tell you to follow the mice. If there are mice, there'll be an exit.

And he's right. You get to a room where an elevator is. It should be to the north of that room.

When you get to the elevator, go to B1.

Mei Ling will call you and tell you that the DARPA Chief is on that floor. He's the green dot in the room to the right.

Then go down the hall, take a left (right from your pov).

And climb the ladder by pressing the action button or Circle.

Then just keeping going straight down the vent, take the last left and Colonel Campbell will call you.

He'll tell you that the DARPA Chief is below you.

Then go down the last window thingy...

There he isss c:

Snake is here to the recue! Now, a 5-10 minute cutscene will commence.

And someone will eavesdrop...

He then tells you the info he knows, including what the weapon is, their ability to launch and how to deactivate the weapon called, "Metal Gear".

He'll tell you where the President of ArmsTech is, who knows one of the passwords to diable it.

And all of a sudden, NNNNNNNGGGHHHHH. The DARPA Chief suddenly sceams in agony!

Then mysteriously...dies.

Now, you just wait here. A guard will open the door for you to get out, strangely...

Also, there's a ration underneath the bed. That'll be useful.

And it looks like Snake has been caught... ;_;

BUT. It looks like this guard is just a rookie...

Then guards will come in and the fun part begins...

You're gonna have to shoot through 2-3 waves of of soldiers. Make sure you get as much ammo and rations as possible. Thats the only way to beat this part.

After you battle the soldiers with this mysterious character, they run away!

And Snake checks out dat booty, running away from him... ;_;

Then, three figures discuss about a fool...

This fool killed someone...coud it be the DARPA Chief...?

Back to Snake, he still tries to catch the soldier that helped him...

Then, they shoot at him so he can go away ;c

The mysterious character then gets away...

After the soldier leaves, a floating figure shows up...

Then goes away...Snake is puzzled...

She tells Snake it was Psycho Mantis, FOX-HOUND'S psychic.

Finally, we get back to the gameplay!