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Metal Gear Solid Walkthrough INTRODUCTION

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Colonel Cambell, the commanding officer in this operation briefs you on the misson. Terriosts go to Alaska to do bad things. So, "Solid Snake", a legend in the FOXHOUND unit, goes in to check it out.

As the credits show, Solid Snake infiltrates the Shadow Moses facility.

Now, Colonel Campbell calls you on the codec and tells you how it works. Select makes and recieves calls.

Im sure you're confused on the controls. Dont worry. These are simple. X is to crouch. When you moved while you're crouched, you will crawl. Square is to do a chokehold. Circle is to hit and the action button. Triangle is to go into first person mode.

Then, with your new knowledge, crawl underneath to pole to the left of where you were when you started.

Since you the elevator to get to the surface isn't down there yet. You'd have to wait for it. You can either wait in this little corner where no one can see you.

Or you can go up to a guard and get I did. xD

After I evaded from the guards and got out of the ALERT status, I just run around, trying not to get detected.

After a minute or two, the elevator will come down.

Now, go make a run for it!

Finally, you got out and heading up to the surface!

Then, Snake takes off his under water gear and...

BAM! METAL GEAR SOLID: TACTICAL ESPIONAGE. Dat title sequence tho! You have completed the little introduction to the game. Now you enter a new journey; the journey of the Shadow Moses Incident; the journey of Metal Gear Solid...