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Metal Gear Solid Walkthrough Getting in Contact with President Baker

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Now, proceed to enter the elevator.

Make sure you go to B2. Thats where President Baker is being held at.

Go to the back of B2 and and you'll see some parts of the wall not painted.

Use the C4 thats in the rooms on B2.

After exploding the wall, go inside.

Then go down the hall and explode this part of the wall.

Then explode this part of the wall and go in. An the first boss battle will commence.

The key to this boss battle is watch out for the bullets and get gim when he stops to reload.

After you defeat him, his arm gets cut off viciously!

He goes and runs away like the wuss he is.

The person who cut off his arm was some weird robot ninja thing...

It appears Baker recognizes his

He then mysteriously runs away...

Snake starts to get the info from Baker...

It turns out that the terrorists have both of the codes!

After some info and you infroming him on the DARPA Chief, he tells you that the soldier, who is a female, has the card keys to override the detonation codes. The codec frequency was printed on the back cover of the CD case that the game came with. Idk if you guys still have it but heres the frequency: 140.15

He'll tell you another way to destroy Metal Gear. The head developer, Hal Emmerich will know how to, he says.

Hes being held at the Nuclear Warhead Storage Building.

All of a sudden, Baker starts having a heart like stroke thing, just like the DARPA Chief!

No one still knows why this is happening...

Now, go back to B2 and go to the elevator.

Go up to B1 so you can contact the female soldier, who might be the Colonel's niece.

Now since you're up there call her. Remember, the codec frequency is 140.15

It turns out this mysterious figure is the Colonel's niece!

And it also turns out you're the legendary Solid Snake! :3

Then Snake hits on her and...well, we'll just leave them alone cx

After some information being shared, they make a plan to meet up.

And' she'll open the cargo door that was on the first floor so you can get to the Nuclear Warhead Storage Building.

Now, go to the first floor...

The cargo door will be open.

The cargo door will be right next to the elevator.

But, dont run in! Be careful, there are senors that'll go off and gas will be filled in the room.

Use your cigarettes to see the infrared sensors.

You can see them right there. They go up and down so just wait for a chance to crawl underneath them.

Then when you get to end, use you Level 2 card to get out and make your way to the Nuclear Warhead Storage Building.

Outside, there'll be Vulcan Raven waiting for you...your next boss battle.

One thing you HAVE to do is crawl. There are claymores everywhere. So dont set them off and crawl.

Make sure you go to the right and get that ration. It'll come handy. Also, there arent many claymores.

The only way to beat this boss battle is to throw grenade up to where the gunner is and kill him.

Now there are 2 gunners and they arent that hurt. Just avoid all bullets, especially from the tank. And its an easy battle. c: