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Metal Gear Solid Walkthrough Destroying Metal Gear

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After talking to the Colonel

It's Otacon!

He brought some food for you! :D

He also gives you the level 6 card to get out the Torture room when you get out your cell.

Now there's two ways to do this. One, you can fake your death by using the ketchup Otacon gave you and use that as blood. Or do the way I did it.

Hide under the bed so it looks like I escaped c:

Now, come out and attack. You will be detected but no reinforcements will come.

Knock him out and go to the torture room.

Your stuff is right by the bed thing you were on when you were tortured.

After a qucik change, Snake is back in action!

Go out this door to get back to the mission.

Use chaff grenades to use the elevator without being seen by the cameras.

Go back to level 1. You're gonna have to go back to the Comm Tower.

Through this room...

Through the snow field...

Now, you may have noticed a "?" item in your items. That was a bomb Ocelot put in your items. I couldnt have thrown it away earlier so I threw it away there. MAKE SURE YOU DO THIS. It will explode and you will die.

Take the elevator to B1.

Go back to the Cmndr Room.

Back to the snowy area...

Now finally down the alleyway...

Into the door that leads to the base.

Now here is where you have to face waves of soldiers as you go up stairs.

Just keep running. Refrain from shotting them unless theres a lot. If there are soldiers in front of you, dodge the bulets and flip them over. Its faster and easier that way.

Finally you get to the top.

Climb the ladder to the roof.

There's a door that you need to get to.

So go there!

As you go up the stairs, rockets come and explode the satellite.

It's Liquid inside the Hind D! Looks like he wans to stop you...

Then, Snake gets the idea to rappel down the building. Earlier, you should've gotten a rope.

The Colonel will tell you how to rappel down the building. Just look at these directions on how to do it.

More directions...

Some more...

And here's the last of the directions for rappeling.

Just avoid the gunfire and steam by jumping in a zig zag pattern and you should be good.

And you did it! :D

When you get down there, there'll be 3 soldiers waiting for you at the other side of the bridge. So, pull out your sniper.

And take them out one by one.

If you ran out of bullets like I did, you can also use the Remote Controlled Missle launcher to kill them.

After that, cross the bridge...

Liquid will appear again so just avoid his gunfire again.

And enter the building.

Now when you go down the hall and enter where the elevator is...

The elevator won't work.

Now, go to the bottom of the stairs to see if there's a way to go there since the way to the top is blocked.

When you get there, the stairs will be broken..

As the Colonel will say, go back up again.

Snake will hear some shuffling sounds as if someone is exiting the elevator.

Luckily, it's just Otacon.

After a weird question about love from Otacon, Snake will ask him to fix the elevator.

He'll said it was working but now it is...

So, Otacon will check it out.

Otacon moved the boxes outta the way to the stairs that lead up so go upstairs.

Watch out for the surveilance cameras. i'd recommend throwing some chaff grenades so you can easily go up the stairs.

When you get to the top, go up the ladder.

Go out the door to start another boss battle.

Now, there are a few keys to facing this battle.

After he shoots, he'll just fly to somewhere else. There;s your chance to attack.

Use the Singer Missle Launcher against him.

Also, fire as many times as you can every spot he hovers around after he shoots.

Also, he'll shoot a missle that'll explode some things on the roof.

Just hide right here for the first missle launched.

Then for the second one, go right here and you'll be safe.

After he explodes the things on the roof, he'll die.

After that, Otacon will contact you telling you that he fixed the elevator.

So, go down back to the elevator.

Use the elevator and get in.

For some reason, the weight limit alarm will go off.

Well, anyway, go down to level 1.

It appears that the weight limit alarm went off because there are other people in there with you!

Take them out however you want. I suggest breaking their necks individually. If the soldiers hoot you while dong it, just throw some stun grenades and go behind them and break their neck.

Go through the door when you get off the elevator. Make sure you throw a chaff grenade because there are cameras all across the next hallway.

Then go through the door, starting your next boss battle...

She got the first shot though ;c

To the right of the door, there'll be this area. This is probably the best area to snipe. I almost never get hit there.

Just wait for her to pop out and shoot her. This is one of the easiest boss battle on the game.

After a depressing cutscene, Wolf will give you the level 6 card.

Since there's cameras, throw a chaff grenade in the building next to where Wolf died.

Then, go down the stairs...

You have now completed the 1st disc! Now insert the second one. Or, if you're playing this emulated, change the iso file and start it up.

Enter the next room.

There will be a guard there so choke him out.

Now, go across the bridge and and shimmy across the little edge

Crouch when the thing comes so you dont get hit.

When you're across that, go across the bridge.

Avoid the guards and go down the stairs

Open this door and go inside.

Wait for the elevator and interact on the panel to the right.

There'll be some soldiers and they'll come after you. Since Snake is so irresistible.

The best way to take them out is flip them over off the elevator. Or if you have another idea, then do it. :P

After you're done, you'll go down to the next floor down.

There'll be another elevator to the right. Be careful though. there's cameras equipped with guns. So throw a chaff grenade and run to the next elevator.

While you're on the elevator, Master Miller will call you and tell you some stuff about Naomi.

He tells you that Naomi might be a spy!

And that she lied about her family!

When you stop at the next floor, it'll be really icy and cold.

Proceed to the next room and face the next boss battle.

It's Vulcan Raven from the tank! He'll just do a long speech abour ravens and stuff...

Keys to this boss is use the NIKITA Missile Launcher and controll the missle to hit Vulcan Raven.

He can detect the rockets on sight so try and get him from behind or accelerate the rocket so it hits him before he destroys it.

It's pretty easy to beat him. Just move around and move the rockets to the right area and you got it.

After you kill him, he'll give you the Level 7 security card to get in the base.

Raven will tell you that the guy who died in front of Snake was Decoy Octapus. And they used the actual DARPA Chief's blood to make him look like the DARPA Chief.

Then the Master will call you telling you more about Naomi...

Looks like Naomi stole a dead persons identity.

After all those cutscenes and stuff, proceed to the next room.

Dont walk down the middle of the hallway, or you'll fall xD

Also, throw chaff grenades because there are A LOT of cameras, as you can see on the radar.

Now, proceed to the next room.

Go down the hall and you'll see, in person, Metal Gear...

Go across the little walkway...

As you do, Otacon will inform you that Metal Gear is ready. You must hurry!

Now, go up this ladder...

Up this one...

Up another one...

Otacon will tell you that he got past Baker's security on his computer.

And down the other on in front of Snake.

Go down the walkway. There will be a soldier patrolling, but just flip him over and continue on.

Go up the stairs and a cutscene will commence.

So it appears that they have input the codes...

And they CAN launch at anytime...oh no...

After the cutscsene, Otacon will call you and tell you about the PAL card key.

And we already have the three keys!

The card key changes shapes in different temperatures.

The first one is the room temperature one.

The second one is the low temperature one.

And the last one is the high temperature one.

So all you gotta do is make them change shape and input the keys.

Then your arm pops out and Ocelot sees you and shoots the card.

And your card gets shot outta your old hands. GREAT.

Then they'll close the door to watch they're untrained soldiers.

Again, just flip that one guard over and keep going.

You have to go all the way back down now to get the PAL card outta the sewers.

Use your Mine Detector to find it, since its made outta a special metal, it'll detect it.

There'll be another bomb that you'll have to throw out.

It should be over to the left side, that's where I found it...just use your mine detector to be sure.

Now go ALL the way up to input the first key; the room temperature card.

Just walk up to the input terminal and it'll do it for you.

Now, you have to get the key cold. Where's the last place it was really cold?

Where you fought Vulcan Raven. For it to change shape, just stand around, check your items constantly to see if it changed symbols.

And after a while, it'll change.

So go back up to the input terminals.

There ya go! Two down, one more to go.

Remember to go back to that hot area when you first put in the second disc? Just go there. if you dont remember, go through the cold area.

Up this elevator...

While you're on the elevator, Master will call you and tell you about a thing called FoxDie.

It's a virus that supposedly targets certain people.

He thinks the DARPA Chief, President Baker and Decoy Octupus had it since the virus simulates a heart attack.

And you might have it...

After some more information about FoxDie and Naomi, go to the next elevator

Now go through the door to the hot area.

Boom you're there. So again, just wait there and check the PAL key if the symbol changed.

When you're on your way back, Naomi wil call you and tell you the truth.

She's from Rhodesia and she bought her identification.

And Frank Jaeger, Grey Fox, found her! She was close to him like a sister. That's why she was sending Codec messages to Alaska, to talk to her brother.

She tells you how FoxDie targets people.

After she tells you more stuff, gets arrested and the Colonel talks to you, you can proceed backto the input terminals.

Yay! :D You did it c:

Wait...what?! You activated Metal Gear!

Master Miller tells you the obvious...

But he says you did it "for us'. What does he mean?

Obviously, that isnt Master Miller. Colonel Campbell said he's been dead for three days at his house! SO who is this "Master Miller"?

IT'S LIQUID. Liquid has been disguised as Master Miller this WHOLE TIME.

After he's done contacting you, the room will be filled with toxic gas. Use your gasmask (if you have one) to slow down the gas killing you.

Then, contact Otacon.

He'll open the door by hacking into the security.

After a couple of seconds, he'll tell you the door is opening.

When you get out, Liquid will be waiting for you in front of Metal Gear.

Ha ha ha, Liquid. Now there'll be a long cutscene...

So, from what Liquid said, you were being used to kill everyone with FoxDie so the government could take Metal Gear and look at the Genome soldiers bodies.

He tells you that you and him are twins. You were made from "Big Boss's" genetics.

Now, you're gonna have to destroy Metal Gear, the last boss battle, and the hardest.

It isnt too hard, though. First, you have to weaken it's main control panel thingy. Which is what I'm aiming at with the Stinger Launcher.

Thats all you have to do at first. Avoid his attacks which are machine guns, and if you get too close, he'll shoot out a lazer which is REALLY annoying.

However, the WORST one are his missles. You have to act very quickly by going near Metal Gear so they won't hit you.

After you destroy that, Grey Fox will appear outta no where and try and help! But he quicky fails. He tells you to kill you but yu cant.

So, you watch him die.

Now, after that cutscene and Grey Fox's death, you have to shoot at the pilot's seat where Liquid is sitting. He still has the same attacks so just avoid them again.

And you got it!

You'll get knocked out from the explosion.

And Liquid is STILL alive. He'll tell you about how you guys were made, the new technology and genetic engineering.

After that, it appears the Secretary of Defense is about to bomb the place, just so he can hide this whole incident from the public!

Then, The Secretary of Defense arrests Campbell so he can go with his plan!

Liquid will want one last battle. But this one is timed. And if you take too long, the whole place will explode!

This boss battle is pretty easy. Just beat him up til he has no health left.

Then flip him over right at that edge so he falls to his death. Hopefully.

Bye Liquiddddddd.

Now, you saved Meryl!

Now, follow Meryl to the parking garage to get outta there.

Avoid the gunfire from the guards until Meryl starts the car.

Then jump in on the machine gun.

Blow up the barrels to get outta there and drive to the surface.

There'll be two checkpoints to take guards out. The first one is easy since theres barrels taht explode and you can easily take them out with those.

The second one has one more guard and no barrels so just shoot down all of them.

Then when you think it's over, Liquid comes up behind you guys -.-

Just shoot him before he shoots you.

It shouldn't be too hard except for this part. The pillars block a lot of your gunfire so just aim at him always and you'll have no problems.

Then at the end, when you see daylight, you guys crash...

When you guys are both stuck under the truck, Liquid is still alive! He comes out and tries to kill you!

But then suddenly...he looks like he's having a heart's FoxDie.

Colonel calls you telling you that the SOD was arrested. This was all his plan. The President knew nothing about this.

Shadow Moses wasnt gonna be bombed anymore, thanks to the Colonel.

He made an escape route for you too! Whatta guy!

So, Snake will die when it's his time, like Liquid did. SO, FoxDie isnt exactly a virus then...

Well, that's it. Metal Gear is destroyed, your nerdy friend is safe and best of all, you got the girl!

Now, our heroes drive off to the beautiful, Alaskan sunset. Thanks for looking at this walkthrough and I hope you enjoyed this game like I did. You have beaten Metal Gear Solid. Thank you very much and happy gaming!