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Metal Gear Solid Walkthrough Talking to Dr.Emmerich

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Theres a ration right up here so go get it.

Then crawl underneath this big door.

Since there's nuclear material in this part of the building, you can't use any weapons.

Oh well, you cant anyway. Damn nanomachines.

Then proceed to the left until you get to the stairs.

Go up the stairs...

And take the elevator.

Go down to B2, where Dr.Emmerich is being held at.

Then go to the room across the elevator...

You will notice that the floor is electrified so you cant go through.

The main panel is all the wa on the other side. So how you gonna destroy it?

So this, "Deepthroat" person tells you to get a remote controlled missle to destroy the panel.

Go to B1. In one of the rooms, the missile launcher will be there.

There! The room to the right (your view point, not Snake's).

Then go back to B2 so you can destroy the main panel of the floor's electricity.

Then, lead it down the hall...

Into the room...

Up the room...

Into the other room...

Through the other door..

And into the main panel!

Now go down the hall...

Into some rooms if you want extra items.

Then enter the door the next section of the building...

When you enter the hall...THERE IS NOTHING BUT MURDER

A blade? Who whould do that?

OH MA LORD. Is that the Ninja from before?

Go into the room and face your next boss.

Dr. Emmerich is there, bwing terrorized by the mysterious person.

Aww...she just pissed himself! xD

Well, looks like he wanted to see you.

Cyborg Ninja...heh...catchy.


So, this boss will fairly easy. Since he's a cyborg which is half robot, half man, you can jam his electronics. Use Chaff Grenades to jam his cyborg suit so he cant move.

Now, eventuall, he turns invisible. he only hides in a couple of spots. Here;s one.

Here's another one.

And another one in the middle.

After you get his health to nothing, he'll go crazy and start teleporting.

He'll have a ring around him that'll electricute you when you touch it. So you're gonna have to wait til it goes away to attack.

Like right there.

After a few more times of a few last beatings, he'll go crazy.

And disappear...

Snake remembers him being Gray Fox, a comrade from the previous Metal Gear game. Well, he was basically an enemy but they were just doing their jobs.

Then, Snake gets the Dr. from the locker and talks to him.

According to Emmerich, it was only made for defensive purposes. Looks like someone was lied to...

Snake then tells the whole purpose of the exercise which was to test Metal Gear's nuclear capabilities.

Dr. Emmerich starts telling you about Metal Gear's equipment and yada yada ya...

After some information about Metal Gear, his history and nuclear weapons, he tells you where to go. The underground base which is north of the Comm. Tower.

And you still have to meet up with Meryl who has the override key card.

He then tells you where and how to meet her. Alone and where she'll be alone and identified as a woman. Which will be the bathroom in B1.

He gives you the next level key card and you're off your way.

Leave the room and proceed back to the elevator.

Now, go to B1 to meet with Meryl.

Wait until a soldier comes to the Woman's bathroom.

Then follow her inside.

Go to the last stall and she'll see you.

And another cutscene...I think I've been explaining these too much. I mean I shouldnt, you're playing the game you're watching it. So I'll skip these now...