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Monday Night Combat Walkthrough The Assassin

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MNC's only female class availble is The Assassin, packing extremely high dps capabilities and top-tier mobility. While she can't take much of a punch, make sure that she can give them out.

Her first ability is a "Cloak" feature, rendering you almost invisible after a second or two. Upgrading it will allow you to stay invisible for longer as well as making it trigger faster.

Second ability features a "Flash grenade" thrown at her feet when activate. It disorients and stuns any nearby enemies while creating a large cloud of smoke. A very vital "escape" mechanism for The Assassin.

Her natural ability includes less fall damage, increased clip size, increased damage and much more when upgraded. It also visibly changes the length of your "Dagger" to a full blown katana sword.

Last but not least is the Assassin's fourth ability, "Dash". It can most basically be described as a "sprint" button. When upgraded, it increases your maximum run length and overall speed.

Her first weapon is a "crossbow" contraption on her arm that rapidly launches volleyed knives in quick succession. Can be very useful when picking down running enemies.

Her second weapon is a dagger, or a sword, depending on how far you have upgraded your natural abilities. It causes devastating amounts of damage but requires you to be next to enemies for it to hit.

It also allows for the Assassin to initiate deadly grab abilities from both behind and in front of enemies. It will lock them inplace together with you in a "cutscene" ish sequence and render you invulnerable while causing devastating damage to whoever you grabbed. It will be your main means of finishing or initiating fights with enemies.

You can even grab bosses with this ability and when combined with "Juicing up", it can easily chip off more than half of the boss's health.