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Monday Night Combat Walkthrough The Sniper

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As the name would suggest, The Sniper excels in long-ranged conflicts as he is capable of making headshots for devastating damage without even being reachable.

His first ability "Traps" allows him to lay down in essence, proximity mines which not only cause damage but slow, freeze and trap enemies as well when upgraded. Very vital in covering your back.

His second ability much like the Assassin, allows him to grapple anyone that gets too close for comfort and throw them away once upgraded. Must be timed right or death is imminent.

His natural ability allows your bullets to penetrate through multiple enemies while also adding an "explosive" effect at the initial impact when upgraded enough.

His fourth damage is a flak grenade. Once thrown on a location, a device will repeatedly implode, causing massive damage to anyone who is foolish enough to get close to the device (including the Sniper who threw it) until it has been depleted. Excellent for area-denial and crowd control..

As you may have caught from reading about The Sniper's abilities, His primary weapon is a sniper-rifle featuring the ability to zoom in and thus he is a very specialized class, built purely for discouraging enemies to go onto a certain route wherever his scope happens to be. And as such, he requires to be very far away from the battlefield which means enemies killed by the sniper will very rarely only have the money they dropped be picked up unless you got an agile Assault teammate nearby to grab the funds for your team..

His second weapon features an extremely rapid-fire SMG in the form of an uzi being fired sideways. Unfortunately, it does next to no damage and has a very premature and small clip size, requiring very frequent reloading for it to have any hard application or effect.

If you play The Sniper, always remain behind your friendly turrets and keep an eye out for Assassins or other Snipers since they are the only thing that can kill you if caution is applied in your game-play.

To be a bigger contributor to your team, combine your "sniping nest" with the path where AI walks on to plant your proximity mines. This will not only discourage Assassins to pounce you but also relieve the frontline stress put on your turrets. You can clearly see where enemy AI robots will walk by looking at the green arrows on the floor. It swaps from time to time so make sure to move your grenades accordingly.

Line swaps..

Almost always happen at new rounds. And depending on your map of play, the old ones may be also be kept to give enemy AI multiple routes of approach.

And that concludes our Monday Night Combat guide! Hopefully, you'll have a greater grasp on all the different abilities that the MNC characters possess. But don't forget that the game also allows custom-classes, adding a mix of some of the combinations. Best way to deal with this is to learn and adapt with the multiple choices being given to you. Good luck!