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Monday Night Combat Walkthrough The Assault and Game-play Basics

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Here I will go over all the basic functions of the classes presented to you in the game, MNC. Starting with the "Assault".

You will start out in your "Spawn" zone where you are protected from all kinds of enemy fire. The hud to your bottom-right consists of three brightly-colored "buttons", representing your skills and their associated cooldowns that can be seen by the green bar around them. All classes have 3 abilities unique to them and they are triggered with (Q), (E) and (Left Shift). Under your skills are also the current amount of currency your character currently has represented by an $. Money in this game is gold as it dictates how powerful your character can get by purchasing upgrades, more on that later. There are also "unlockable" features that maps in MNC has, be it slots where turrets may be built & upgraded, ramps that needs money in order for you to go up on certain places or panic-buttons which cause massive damage to all enemies in proximity. Followed by your cash meter is your current magazine. It shows you how many bullets you have left in your weapon ranging often from shotgun shell symbols or just thin lines. In this case, you can see how many bullets I have in my assault rifle.

Before you head out, it is adviceable to press (B) in order to access your "buy" menu. Here you will conduct purchases with the earlier mentioned in-game currency ($) to upgrade your characters skills. The first skill for the Assault is "Fly". It enables a much more efficient use of your Assaulteers jetpack which can be quite vital since you will need any agility you can get.

Next is "Charge". It will increase the Assaulteers ability to gain a significant speed-boost forward and ram into any nearby unlucky enemies for a huge knockback and damage. The range isn't very far though so use it only when next to someone and stay moving.

The bottom tab represents a "non-skill" slot where upgrading here only helps your characters natural abilities such as jump height, extra health, damage and so forth. Usually adviceable to take this first in order to be more versitile.

Last but not least is "Bomb". It radically increases the radius and damage of your throw-able explosives. If you are meeting a large quantity of enemies, this may be an adviseable skill.

Head on out and get familiar with the enviroment, more specificailly, this huge floating ball. It is your "Moneyball" and it's protected by a strong shield. When the shield fails, it will fall down to the ground and be vulnerable to damage. Once it is completely destroyed, your team will lose, so protect it with your life. The current health of your money ball can be seen on your HUD in the bottom left.

After a short warm-up period, enemy "AI" robots will start to come out of nearby outlet rooms, patrolling in line towards your money-ball in order even if you're playing the single-player courses or with other people,

All the weapons will have unlimited ammo in this game so spray away. Although the assault rifle does shoddy hard damage, it can be golden if used right with your other abilities to harass the enemy, preventing health-recovery.

Once you have killed either players or AI robots, money will come out and land on the floor in a near proximity to where they died. Walk over the coins to collect the much-needed money.

If enemy AI do come close to your money-ball, they will hop onto it and self-destruct, causing massive damage to your ball and causing it to collapse onto the ground, leaving it vulnerable for some time before it can recover it's shield.

Around your money-ball, you will see these "pots". They are turret hardpoints that allow you to get close and make a turret-purchase in order to defend your money-ball.

Turrets are vital for the safety of your money-ball. For this reason, you have over 4 different types to choose from on designated turret points. The first and cheapest one features a high-rate of fire "gatling gun" on a stick while not very far-reaching and lightly armored, they can put serious pressure on anything that gets in-range.

The second choice is a rocket-turret which fires highly damaging missiles towards anything that gets close. They have a very high amount of health but also boasts up to 300$ upgrade costs later.

Third is a Shaveice turret, greatly slowing down any nearby players or AI that are clumsy enough to get close. Unfortunately, they are quite expensive due to their high amount of armor to be used practically and is best saved for later in-game..

Fourth and final turret choice features a "Long shot" variety, where it is essentially mortar-fire, firing shells upwards that then land ontop of any enemies that even get remotely close to them. Even above walls. Can be very useful when discouraging enemy players to lurk around your money-ball.

Once you have made your choice and purchased one of the four turrets, your turret hardpoint will get enveloped in walls for a short period of time before your desired construct will appear, ready to defend your territory. Once they have finished being constructed to level one, they can be upgraded an additional 2 times until they reach the ultimate level of 3.

At some point when you have dished out a sufficient amount of damage / support activities, a purple meter ontop of your screen will fill. This is your "Juice bar" and has features similar with that of adrenaline. Once it is full, you can activate a "character boost" which makes your character more durable, faster, stronger and allows him to cause more damage using your (Left Control) button. It's recommended to save it for a hairy moment.

Eventually,one of MNC's designated "mascots" will appear on the stage in-between rounds of enemies for a set amount of time. Damage him as much as humanly possible to reap gigantic money-awards before he disappears.

If you are having troubles with your assault-rifle, you can always change your weapon by using your mouse-scroller and swap out the rifle to a rapid fire grenade-launcher, capable of delivering massive damage with fast-going projectiles that has respectable hit-radiuses while your pipe-launcher also packs a very large clip-size.

When you find yourself at an disadvantage, often, keep an eye out for these "Juice boxes" that enemies drop. They will give small boosts towards you being able to get "Juiced up" faster.

Also make heed to pick up dropped money as fast as they can. Coins disappear quite quickly and never is this more apparent when you're killing enemies from a distance.

As an assaulter, take special care to always flank and stay on the side-lines as much as possible while being on the move. You cannot take any serious damage which will become a painful realization if you get even remotely in sight of the single-player "Jackbot" boss. Your class is best used pipebomb spamming enemy encampments or circling behind your line of turrets, leaving this class with no real "hard" weaknesses since you can apply yourself in many fields.