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Monday Night Combat Walkthrough The Tank

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As the name may imply, the Tank is a heavy support-role in MNC with especially strong focuses to being able to take as much damage as possible.

His first ability is called "Deploy". When used, your tank character becomes stationary and gains various bonuses such as health, accuracy and overall knockback resistance but he cannot move until the ability is used again. This ability can be very useful when defending..

His next ability features a charge which is a mix of the Assaulters charge and a grab. It increases damage when upgraded.

His neutral ability increases overall health and boosts your already top-tier defenses.

Last but not least ability boosts your grenade-tossing capabilities and adds additional side-effects such as blind.

His primary weapon is a laser-beam gun. It fires a beam which damages anything it connects with. However, depending on your enemy, it will often be quite buggy in use.

His second weapon, much like the primary one is also a laser. However, instead of having one on-going beam, this one feature a single huge beam that needs to recharge between each shot, much like a shotgun.

While his primary laser may be bad towards most targets, it excels in killing any bigger targets with large health-pools or nearby mascots since you will be registering a very high amount of hits, even if not very damaging one which makes him drop money per hit.

All of the tank's weapon have impressive ranges which allows him to stay very far back on the battle-field in safety and guard important objectives while still giving fire support to his teammates. The biggest threats to a tank is The Assassin and The Sniper since they can either stab him from behind for massive damage or repeatedly headshot him if he's in stationary mode with great ease leaving the Tank to be much dependant on teammates.