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Monday Night Combat Walkthrough The Support

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This class is the most specialized one out of MNC's 6 classes. He focuses on mainly, if not only, supporting his fellow players through indirect buffing and overall defense maintenance.

His first ability is in the most basic concept, a deployable sentry. Once upgraded, it will have more armor, damage and also be able to heal nearby teammates.

His second ability features an "airstrike" to a location where The Support drops a beacon followed by mortar shells. Concept can be explained like it is a very delayed grenade.

His neutral ability increases his basic abilities and also some of his bots, such as the sentry.

His fourth and most specialized ability is the "Hack". With this ability, he can essentially "buff" your teams turrets to increase their efficiency, such as range, damage and so forth. He can also later hack enemy sentries when upgraded enough.

The first "weapon" available to The Support is a healing gun which repairs any damage your teammates or structures have sustained and also applies a shield when they are healed beyond their normal health-pool. This can become a very critical feature for many games to save money on their defenses since turrets are very poor on repairing themselves and need to be rebuilt/upgraded to have any hard recovery made.

His second weapon is a plain old pump-action shotgun featuring an 8 round capacity. Packs a decent punch if enemies are close enough to you.

When playing MNC, make sure to take a second and "hack" your sentries if you are heading out with your teammates to the enemy base. It has a long cool-down and can do a lot of good with little effort from your side.