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Monday Night Combat Walkthrough The Gunner

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If you have played Team Fortress 2 before, this character will be familiar to you. The gunner features, as the name suggest, a lot of firepower in a big package. Being both incredibly sturdy, a proper gunner complemented by a Support can easily kill several waves of enemy players without breaking a sweat.

His first ability, similar with that of The Tank allows him to go into a "Stationary" mode where his offensive and defensive capabilities are both boosted at the cost of manouverbility.

His second ability is a "Grapple". Similar with that of the Assassin, it grabs any nearby unfortunate enemy for devastating damage.

His natural ability may be one of the more vital ones for the Gunner. It not only increases your ability to survive but also adds a second minigun (twice the firepower) at the third level.

His fourth and final ability is a "Slam", where the Gunner throws himself onto the ground to create a shockwave of force, damaging and knocking anything close to you back. It is very useful against those nasty Assassins.

The Gunner has a very high clip-size for his minigun weapon so If you prefer to cause absolute havoc and be alive to tell the story afterwards, this is the class for you.

His second weapon is rather weak compared to the minigun, a very slow-firing "tube" grenade launcher unlike the Assaulteer's version, explodes upon impact. No noteworthy damage and is incredibly clumsy. Should only be used to pick enemies off behind walls and snipe tedious turrets.

While The Gunner packs impressive health, any hard tanking should be left to a nearby Tank if possible since The Gunner can easily die given the right circumstances.