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Ninja Gaiden 2 Walkthrough Act V

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5-1: There is a full Ninja Power in the orb behind this guy.

Don't get hit by the daggers this enemy drops from above.

You are surrounded. Take out the ground enemies first then go up the wall.

These four orbs contain different weapons. You want the second one which is the Invincible Firewheel. It will have good use in the next part.

Avoid hitting the spikes like the plauge. For those Game Genie cheaters. Spikes are the only thing that will do damage to you.

Kneel and attack these bugs as they come to you.

Don't touch the fire as you jump over it.

This is a good spot to use the Invincible Firewheel.

Especially when you got enemies on small platforms to deal with and a wave of flames below.

and also to death with this guy. One orb contains a scroll.

Make a careful leap between these spikes.

Kill these spiders. You met these guys when you fought Baron Spider at the end of Stage 2.

You are almost there. Just carefully hop over the flames.

Be sure not to jump to high or you will get hit by the spikes above.

5-2: It's going to be slippery here as you trek through platforms of ice.

Lure the spider into falling by jumping forward but pulling back to do a small forward jump then slash it as it falls.

The Invincible Firewheel is your friend in this level too.

This orb contains a 1-up. The orb before the ladder leading down has health.

Climb down the left side and jump to the right to safely clear these pits.

Once again use your Invincible Firewheel.

You will get full Ninja Power throughout your journey and continue to use that Power for a while.

You still have the Invincible Firewheel here but here is another one down below if you lost it earlier.

After these small slippery steps lie door that lead to a confrontation with Ashtar. Go get him.

5-3: At last you meet the evil Ashtar himself.

Ashtar will disappear then fireballs will close in where he will appear.

Then he spreads them back out and repeats the process. Slash him while he is visible.

Ashtar defeated. For a leading bad guy he went down a little too quickly but guess what? This is not the end of the game. There are a couple more levels to tackle.