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Ninja Gaiden 2 Walkthrough Act II

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2-1: Don't worry about falling off the train. There are links to prevent that from happening.

The hawks were a pain in the first game but they are not as bad here. They are dealt the same way still. Duck and slash them as they approach.

Watch out for these guys as they come from behind. Get rid of them quickly.

Enemies like these red ninjas will hop up and throw stars. The stars can be destroyed.

More of them pop up near the end.

Get rid of the bettle and use the Invincible Firewheel if you need help.

Here's the entrance to 2-2.

2-2: It snowing in this level but it's going to help or hinder you during the level. It's not the snow but the wind that you got to worry about.

You can destroy these rocks with ease as you take out this enemy.

Now the snow comes into effect. The way the snow falls tells which direction the wind carries you. If you are going right and the snow blows left, it will push you back. If you are going in the same direction as the snow, it will give you a further boost on your jump.

These blobs jump from wall to wall and also spit miniblobs at you.

This ladder takes you to the next area but get all the orbs before going up.

As you reach the next area, climb up the left wall and use the air platform to proceed on.

Use the Firewheel to hit this orb and get a scroll. As stated early in the guide, it increases your max ninja power by 10.

This is another old enemy from the first game. This time he stands and shoots in intervals instead of kneeling. Deal with him after he takes a shot first.

This rolling enemy will be a bane to your adventure in this game. He attacks very aggresively.

Leap over this pit then try to nail the enemy on the ground after he fires his gun.

This is an extra life here. You'll need all the extra lives you can.

Off to the next area we go.

Wait for the snow to fall straight down before you start trying to proceed through the level. Push against the wind if necessary when on the ground.

Climb to the bottom and wait for the wind to fall straight down or to the left to guide to the left after you automatically let go at the bottom.

This ladder leads to the boss.

2-3: The second boss is Baron Spider. A human/spider hybrid.

Baron Spider likes to throw out spiders that also crawl up the wall if you are on it. When ever you are on the same platform as him, he will drop to ground level.

If you drop to the ground where he is, he will jump back up to the platform above.

If you got a Firewheel or Fire Dragon Balls, use whatever you can while he is above or below you respectively and dupe him into jumping on the ground level and drop down yourself before he hits the ground and get in a few free licks.

Baron Spider defeated.