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Ninja Gaiden 2 Walkthrough Act VI

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6-1: The foreground blocks your view of enemies.

Avoid the live fire coming from behind.

Another Shadow Clone if you need it.

Jump into the hole to move to the next part.

Drop down carefully to avoid a bullet the upper enemy spits.

The scroll is in the red orb behind the foreground.

Use your Fire Dragon Balls to take out this guy.

Avoid the fire rock splatter and kill the bat before hopping over the pit.

The next level is just ahead.

6-2: There is an Invincible Firewheel behind the rock thrower. It's crucial to beating this level.

Time to go on a rampage.

No one can stop you now as long as you have your power Mwahaha.

6-3: Kelbeross we meet again.

There are two of them. One of them is real and the other one is fake. The real one will take damage and the other one won't.

Don't really bother with the Invincible Firewheel since it will only last until you hit Kelbeross and dissipate.

Climb up the wall to avoid some of the hops.

Finish him. In this case the Invincible Firewheel is okay but I decided to kancho (1000 Years of Pain) him in the rear for the killing blow.

Kelbeross defeated.