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Ninja Gaiden 2 Walkthrough Act VII

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7-1: More enemies to deal with but this shot is filler to say welcome to the final act of the game.

There is a full Ninja Power in this orb.

Wait for the blob to go on one side of the wall before climbing up.

Damn hawks. Kill it and watch out for the rolling guy on the left as he might hop his way up there where you are.

Climb the right wall and use it to get on the platforms.

Climb into the next area.

The fireballs will home in on you but you got the Firewheel to deal with them before they come back.

The last scroll. Now you have 100 Ninja Power max.

Use the Firewheel to take these enemies out.

Also use it to get this enemy on the top of the column.

More flames to deal with and again the Firewheel will take them out. Use the steps to get to the ladder before the fires reform.

Make a break for it and kill enemies in the way and enter the exit leading to 7-2.

7-2: Use this column to get over the wall.

Stand on the right of this platform and the fire can't hit you.

Wait for the fire to leave before climbing up the left wall.

Here the Invincible Firewheel again.

Now it is time to end this level and the action stages once and for all.

Don't bother with these guys on the right. They are show and tell.

Take care of the hawk and you can ignore the bazooka man by jumping after he fires then jump to the left and go over him.

After climbing up two levels, use the Invincible Firewheel once more and just get the Windmill Throwing Star on the right or the Fire Dragon Balls on the left. I chose the Windmill Throwing Star.

7-3: Jaquio has returned and he is tougher than ever.

As you probably found out, he does float back and forth at the top anymore. Use whatever Ninja Power you have left to use then carefully avoid his swoops.

The fire he spews home in on the spot you were standing in when they were spawned. Slash him when comes to the ground to damage him easily. The fire can be killed.

Jaquio defeated.

7-4: Jaquio has taken a new form. You want to attack his head.

The Shadow clones do good damage to him easier since they only move when you move and slash at the same time you do.

Avoide the acid drops coming from above though. Then avoid the fireball he spits.

Continue attacking the head when safe.

Jaquio has been defeated again but it's still not over yet.

7-5: Jaquio has merged with the Demon Statue from the first game and has new attacks but the same weakness.

Get close and duck down to avoid the upper claw. Avoid the set of balls he spits then position your shadow clones to attack the head in your wake as you concentrate on staying alive.

Move away from the lower claw and wait for it to retract to continue the attack.

Unlike before, the head doesn't fall off and chase you, it is destroyed.

Now you can take on the Demon the same way you did before. Attacking the belly and avoid the fireballs that rain down.

The Demon has been the defeated and you have beaten the game.

The End.