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Ninja Gaiden 2 Walkthrough Act III

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3-1: It's super dark in this level. You can't see the floor you are walking on or the walls.

That is until the lightning strikes in the background to light everything up.

Let the lightning strike to see where the pits are so you don't blindly leap into a death trap.

Live flames occasionally spawn and home in on you.

You can use this enemy to indicate where a wall is when it is dark.

Don't let the flames or bats knock you into the abyss.

Take the low road here.

Then zigzag up the walls here carefully.

Carefully leap across these thin columns.

This enemy will come from behind. Don't let him ambush you.

This potion will give you back some of your health.

Enter this castle quick to go to the next level.

3-2: Nothing special about this screenshot here. I just want to say get ready to best music track in the game while playing.

Jump up when this enemy shoots and run at him between blast before killing him.

The platforms are designed in an awkward setting.

This enemy throws his axe in where you stand. Avoid it or destroy it with a well timed slash then kill the attacker. If you are lucky you can make the enemy glitch out at the back of the screen.

This guya again. He can roll off the edge and hop back up there thus defying physics.

Get the red ninja arts to refill your Ninja Power to the max before climbing up.

Wait for one of these guys to jump up with you then pick him off and do the same to the other.

Watch out for another one of those guys coming from the back and also watch for the shooter on the left before leaping over the pit.

More akward steps here and you got hawks to deal with.

Beware of these spiders. Let them fall before you hop past over the pits. There is another scroll coming up soon in one of the red orbs.

Wait for the hawk to come to you and kill it before moving on.

Get this potion in this orb for more energy.

Let this guy fall to his death first then leap to the awkward steps.

Deal with the guy on the left first then run to the left to glitch out the other guy.

Watch out for another roller trying to sneak behind you.

This guy below takes several hits. Watch out for his fire mace.

Take out the zombie swordsmen and watch out for other guys coming from behind.

This is another Shadow Clone you can use. Get rid of these guys as soon as possible.

Up the ladder is the next boss.

3-3: The third boss is Funky Dynamite. What kind of name is that?

Whenever Funky Dynamite gets hit, he will fall to the ground and he will spew out some mortars.

As Funky Dynamite flies arond he will throw stars at where you stand.

Don't let him fall on you if one of your Shadow Clones hits him.

When he is close to death, throw Firewheel to make him fall to the ground each time he gets up and avoid the mortars.

Funky Dynamite defeated.